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Casinos – Conversion Data Oct – Nov

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    As times are becoming increasingly difficult I wanted to open up about which casinos are performing. These numbers are based on my data since Oct 2008 until Nov 10th 2008.

    I’m doing this because I’m getting very tired of hearing all these affiliate managers claiming to be the best converting casino etc. Plus, I’m starting to feel there’s a list out there that has a shave and no shave column beside affiliates names. I constantly compare numbers with a couple other affiliates and the differences are amazing. If I send 1000 targeted clicks to casino “x” and get 2 depositors, then why would someone else get 20 depositors for the same traffic? Aff managers can’t explain this to me. If people click through and my download ratios are good then I’ve done my job. I’ve seen this over and over again for just about all casinos – oddly, some lesser known brands don’t seem to show the same discrepancies.

    Here’s some numbers:

    Casino Name – Conversion Ratio (clicks to depositors)

    BCP – 1/63 (much improved conversions in Nov)
    Rushmore – 1/304 (much improved conversions in Nov)
    Cherry Red – 1/160 (much improved conversions in Nov)
    ClubUSA – 1 in 450 (when I first started with them it was 1/8, all downhill from there)
    Captain Cooks – 1/211 (player value is almost non-existent)
    Royal Vegas – 1/57 (above average player value)
    Rome Casino – 1/133 (total earnings $2.32 – crap!)
    Absolute Slots – 0/110 downloads (click data seems wrong)
    Lucky Nugget – 1/64 (low player value)
    Riverbelle – 1/40 (low player value)
    SuperSlots – 1/54 (low player value)

    Lucky 18 – 0/365
    *Note – 2nd tier got 5 verified depositors but their stats don’t show this. They say they will pay me for this after I contacted them about this. Do I trust Lucky 18… ?


    Kevin 11


    That’s interesting. Someone I know who was a late entrant into this field has a similar feeling about possibly getting “shaved”. They sent Bodog 30 new signups but have just 1 depositor. Does that sound weird to you?


    I’ll share Oct 1-Nov 12
    BCP 5/435 —-0 this month – REV wayyyyy down – took 10500 back in past ‘bad accounts/chargeback’
    Forture aff 19/518 —0 signups this month
    rushmore 1/166 — 0 signups this month
    mainstreet 1/647 — 0 last month 1 sign up this month for the BIG 25.00
    referincome 0/160 – Brutal – they were down last Sat. and Sunday – had 50+ hits for them
    Clubusa 0/185 – weird chargeback – in negative balance
    I personally thing I’m getting “shaved” (so polite) but what the hell is one to do?


    That’s interesting. Someone I know who was a late entrant into this field has a similar feeling about possibly getting “shaved”. They sent Bodog 30 new signups but have just 1 depositor. Does that sound weird to you?

    Unfortunately, nothing sounds weird to me anymore…


    Thanks for providing your numbers as well. It’s hard to say if it’s a shaving issue or processing etc. Had it not been for me being able to compare numbers with others I would not be so skeptical about the integrity of some programs.

    BTW – my numbers are not total clicks/depositers. I broke things down to show how many clicks it takes me to get a single depositor. Some casinos who produced no depositing players were not included, so sadly my list is for some of my top performers! Sad :(

    Kevin 11


    my average is 1:72 this month and 1:51 last month


    This is pathetic. Thanks for your numbers though.

    I rarely promote gambling now but am still interested in doing so. It doesn’t appear a good time to get back in :-)

    Fwiw, I have tried non gambling over the last 1 1/2 years. I will post one of my scenarios (also pathetic) in that realm if you’re interested. My traffic is from natural search and I’m top five behind Western Union for some industry related terms that pay $3+/click with Adwords.

    I’ve ran both Adsense & individual related companies (Commission Junction) on this site and get 400+ clicks per month. And I don’t want to say exactly the things I rank for but just know it is extremely targeted and relevent traffic.

    I’ve averaged 2 ‘sales’ per month on CJ – earnings – $12.00
    I make around $100 per month with Adsense on this site.

    CJ had gotten the bulk of the click throughs.

    So what I’m going to do is leave the Adsense up because at least it pays the basic fees of the site. And I’m sticking advertising rates on this site and all my sites. If an entity comes along and wants to advertise they will pay up front from now on. If they don’t, what exactly am I losing at this point?

    It just seems like the advertising has swung in the extreme opposite direction now where these companies and programs are either just flat out stealing traffic from webmasters or they don’t give a shit enough about their tracking to track properly.

    I wasn’t born yesterday and am familiar with sales in the brick and mortar world so I look at clicks as leads for the company. Apparently there are many now that couldn’t get money out of a winning lottery ticket.


    With the economy in the tank business is bad all over. Consumers are scared with all the negativity and continual bad economic news. With that said, I believe people are not in the mood to depart with what little money they have to gamble online right now. Also processing is a big part of the problem. Alot of online casinos are saying they accept USA players, but in truth they do not have cc processing that works in place. As far as selective shaving is concern I have always believed that this does happen. With times as hard as they are, I believe more shaving maybe taking place. I have been trying to restart in this biz, but it does not look promising at this point in time.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)