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    I can’t open up

    I looked at Shark Casinos website to see if there was a new link for affiliates but there is no affiliate button or link to click. Shark banners aren’t working either. Does anyone know anything?


    I contacted Shark Casino support and they said they had informed the Affiliate Managers of the problem and they were working on fixing it.

    This was weeks ago…. :plain:


    Thanks for the reply Prof.

    Sure hope they fix it soon!


    I mentioned this to Joe on the phone at least 2 weeks ago.. (or more) and he acted as if he wasn’t aware it was down and said he’d tell someone to get it fixed right away. I asked if everything was ok there.. of course he said ‘Oh yeah, everything is fine. I’ll tell someone and get it fixed”.

    Did you know they took blackjack out of their casino all together about two montyhs ago? It was not in the casino for at least a few week. That shocked me. I went in looking for bj one day, and it wasn’t there. I went to live chat and asked if I was just overlooking it. They told me it was taken out a couple weeks prior. I asked Joe about this also when I had him on the phone last and he acted as if it was just some kind of normal incident with updates and wasn’t permanent. I notice blackjack is back in the casino now though.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)