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    Dear Affiliate,

    Management has made the decision to close down in regards to new player acquisitions effective on July 2nd 2007. We are notifying all
    affiliates to immediately remove their banners and linking codes to

    This decision has been made so the company can focus on its strengths which are the core brands, and

    As of July 2nd all previous players at will still be able to log in and play for the next 6 months, in this period all commission from
    players will be payed to affiliates until we finally close all existing player accounts and totally cease wagers from existing players.

    All linking codes pointing to will be directed and tracked to

    Please contact me if you have any questions.

    Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

    Chris Morton
    Phone: +356 2137 5998
    Fax: +356 2137 0563
    Mobile: +356 7996 2014

    This is to be for new players etc but I cannot access the stats or anything so how do we know what we are earning off the players we already sent them? Banners are being removed and from now on I will not be promoting new casinos until they make it past the year mark!


    yeah i am not amused here either
    we even had contest prizes offered
    chris was nice in a personal e-mail and said of course he would honor the prizes for thos who already entred.
    well the contest was supposed to end on july 31st
    i have just shut it down.
    wonder whats really behind that decision.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)