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casino related keywords frequency

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    Hello everyone,

    Dont know for sure if this is the right place to ask, but,
    does anyone know of a list of keywords people search for, relating to casino’s if possible.
    I dont mean the google adwords thing, nor overture, neither e.g. softnick, 1st position, etc….
    I did research, but couldn,t find what i am looking for

    You understand i hope, a list of search/keywords people type in and how frequent?


    The keyword sources that everyone in the SEO industry uses are the aforementioned Adwords and Overture and one that you haven’t mentioned… Overture is the best for giving you suggestions related to casino terms, you just have to play around with it a bit.


    ty Webber,

    I dont like to “just play around” lol,
    but for serious now,
    i compared them
    also the one i forgot to mention, wordtracker, but i couldnt get it to work …
    they give so very different estimations/ guesses…
    i cant trust one sofar…
    only my own logfiles would be real…..


    I am no where close to the intellectual capacity of most of the forum members. But what I do is try and place myself as a person searching for online gambling information. What different search words would I use. I could easily go to a keyword digger but I don’t bother. Because I write all my own content, explains the reason my site is taking very long, I often refer to my content for keywords. But I must admitt this takes a while. Its no fun being a caveman. greek39


    eloog, it’s important to understand where these tools are getting their data from. Overture gets their information from the previous month’s search query data from sites like Yahoo and many others that Overture supplies. Since the Overture Keyword Suggestion tool is so popular among the SEO community, it is widely believed that their information is skewed due to many automated queries from the SEOs themselves, as well as how they count some of their search queries. Apparently some sites that run pop-up windows get counted in the searches. Wordtracker is considered a much more reliable source for keyword information in so much as their data isn’t as skewed. I’m not sure exactly where they get their data from, but it is from a smaller sampling of information. In either case, no one has cracked the code for extrapolating exactly how many searches are done for a keyword. This is mostly because Google doesn’t publish this sort of information, and in the SEO world, Google is just about everything.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)