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Casino Blaster warning (What’s going on?)

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    I’m very disapointed with Casino Blaster. Check this out you guys.
    Recently, I have received a email from one of my members who have told me that they have deposited and lost in couple of Casino Blasters Casino. I checked my stats and see no commission made. Here was one of my members who emailed me.

    Member said:

    24kt. I had an account for a long time (1-2 months maybe)and then I deposited 25.00, but this was long before your email, Lost one long night of play.


    25.00 -this went so fast, I remember because I was quite disappointed

    Aspinalls-I had downloaded before but never played or deposited, after your email I re downloaded and didn’t deposit until probably week and a half ago of 25.00. Lasted a while , longer than

    I may have deposited or have account with golden palace, if so 25.00

    don’t know about grand online

    As you can clearly see, that 2 of her Casino Accounts, she signed up
    below me but when I checked the stats, it had only one $25 deposited but no commission made. What is going on here? I emailed the affiliate program but no answer yet! Very Sad I have to deal with this type of @$#@ when I thought Casino Blasters were very legit.


    Apr 2005 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

    See what I mean? :hmmm: :flush:


    as my member clearly stated, she lost it all :hmmm:
    In my April stats, I should have had commission. I have
    reward points started up at my board so members can
    email me to get points for there deposits. If any Casinos
    do not allow this, either they are cheating on there
    hard working webmasters or they are not legit. Like I
    said before, I will find the bad things about this business
    and let everyone know. Hope my experience can go
    far beyond my powers and make everything legit for
    the webmasters to make honest money in this business.
    I’m not here to make anyone or any other Casinos
    look bad, just here so everyone get treated the same
    and get paid what they earn hard for. Thanks. :wavey:


    Put a copy of this thread in the Casinoblasters forum to give them an opportunity to respond to your concerns.


    Hi there,
    After reading the thread, I looked into your account and stats. You registered under the CPA commission model, and this means that you get a cost per aquisition revenue which is based on the following criterias:
    1- the player has to come to any of the partner casinos through your links
    2- the player has to be “new/unique” to the database
    3- the player has to make an initial minimum deposit of $50.00

    Once those are met, then you see those numbers in the “Real First Deposit Count” column of your traffic stats. Depending on the number of real first deposit count you can make anywhere between $100-$300/player..BUT..the above requirements need to have been met.
    You can read this in detail on our website.

    In your case, the player below made an initial deposit of $25.00 and therefore, has not met the requirement for CPA.
    We take pride in our customer service and in our accuracy when it comes to delivering statistics to our affiliates.

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.


    OK, I have to check it out more carefully but how come you guys did not email me back? If you did, maybe I wouldn’t have got the wrong idea. :thumbsup:


    I apologize if we did not email you back. It surprises me to hear that because we take pride in our customer service. Again we are sorry for any inconveniences…Should you have any questions what-so-ever, please feel free to call us anytime.


    I have some serious issues that I have emailed to Casino Blasters. Never heard anything?


    Scandle5, please note that we take pride in the efficiency of our customer service. Also, note that we have records of the flow of our emails. If you can provide us with the date of the email as well as the email address you sent it from, we will research this immediately. Keep in mind this has been done and no records of such emails have been found.

    In addition, your commission payout is based on the CPA commission structure. I would like to clarify the methodology we use to calculate this. The grid below is the commission structure payout on THE BASIS OF A $50.00 FIRST TIME DEPOSIT.

    From 1 to 20 new players $100 per player
    From 21 to 50 new players $150 per player
    From 51 to 100 new players $200 per player
    From 101 to 200 new players $250 per player
    201 new players and more $300 per player

    It is very important for you to make note of this due to the fact that the player in question made a deposit of $25.00 as you clearly stated in your email, and this is also reflected in your traffic stats. Your players have to comply with the requirements for you to get paid and you are responsible to make sure that information is transmitted to the player before he or she makes a deposit.

    Futhermore, if possible, please inform us of the usernames of the 2 players who sent the emails as well as a transcript of their email so we can look into this matter in depth.

    Lastly, I would like to leave you our toll-free number: 1-866-225-6909. Please contact us in the future should you have any questions about your traffic stats.

    We look forward to your reply.

    Affiliate Manager
    Customer Relations


    Change your program to revenue share. I had the same problem when I first signed for blasters. I had a player who deposited $30 + $30 and I didn’t get paid commission because the terms require a first deposit of $50. After that I changed to rev-share model.

    Blasters has a very good commission structure. I think you would do better with rev-share instead of CPA.


    Thanks for letting me know but yes, I really did not get the emails back untill I posted this here at CAP. But I still think you guys are trustable, no worries guys and no hard feelings. I will send you a copy of my emails I sent 2 you guys and I will also change my program. Hmmm, I always sign up for rev share, I don’t know how I have it as paid per player. Let me check on this.


    How did you change CPA to Rev? I can’t see it from my details area. I don’t see anything about the program I choose. Can you help me? thanks guys.


    When I did it I had to sign up for a 2nd account, then advised my account manager of the new account name.


    Hi there…In response to how to change from CPA to Revenue-Share…It is quite simple…you need to register a new account making sure you chose the Revenue-Share model…and email advising us of the new account. Once it gets approved, you are good to go on Revenue-Share!
    Give us a call if you have any questions.


    Thanks guys. I will do that. Sorry for our miscommunication. You guys are ok in my book. :)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)