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CAP Audits TEAM First Assignment

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    Ok Gamtrak its time to fire up the engines.

    The first casino we are going to test is a new one, on a new software and it takes US Players so there is a lot of interest in it.

    Test 1: ROME CASINO
    Software: TOP GAME

    Ok, please do the following ASAP.

    1. Round up your team members and divide them into Player/Affiliate Teams
    2. Have affiliate teams members sign up at Rome Casino and obtain a link
    3. Send me the names and paypal addresses of all testers.
    4. I will have Accounting issue the following:

    1. Team Leader monthly Bonus of $1000
    2. The first round of funds for testing $75 each x 10 test players

    5. When everyone tells you they are ready (Have affiliate ID, Have Player Fund) We can begin.
    6. Please obtain login for all test affiliates so we can verify all stats and reports.
    7. Have players deposit $75 and play a slot machine of their choice. Play through at least $75 and stop. If they have a positive balance thats fine at end of second test they can keep their winnings.
    8. Have affiliate verify the player sign up and deposit.
    9. Wait one week, do not play or do anything else.
    10. After 1 week I will have accounting send test players an additional $75
    11. Repeat step7
    12. Repeat step 8 and have affiliates verify second deposit in stats and ammount.
    13. Play through at least $75 in funds.
    14. Wait two days
    15. Verify all play was tracked
    16. Have test players withdraw all funds.
    17. Note how long it took to recieve funds and which payment used.
    18. Verify correct withdrawel shown in stats.
    19. Contact me
    20 You and I will go through all stats and reports
    21. You report findings in a special section we will have set up in private industry areas

    22. If there are ANY discprenecies we will require that program respond and explain what happened and correct the problem.

    Sounds Good?


    Thanks Professor! I’m on it. :hattip:


    Really looking forward to the results!


    Ok, I have a few issues to address:

    1) – One person wants to use neteller instead of paypal.

    2) – What happens if i do not get a participant to reply tomorrow? How much time do I give them before replacing them?

    3) – What if they currently have a Rome account? (Need better understanding of this part)



    1. We dont have Neteller. If they are unable to set up a Paypal account please select another candidate.

    2. 48 Hours. I think most will be easy to get ahold of via post, PM or email

    3. They need to set up a second account or a unique tracker/url that is used for the test ONLY.

    PS to make things interesting I am leaving to Las Vegas at 6:30 AM so I will have limited availability until tuesday. I will have lap top, but i bet I will be in spa or casino, or in meetings 98% of the time.


    Well have fun. I’ll post here if I need anything.


    Hi Professor,

    I hope you enjoyed a wonderful time in Las Vegas! :)

    I want to meet with you to go over where we are now and verify the accounts that need to get the paypal funds. So please let me know when you are ready.


    We are all still here in Vegas. I will be back on Tuesday. I am going to PM you tomorrow though for Paypal details as accounting is open and I can forward them list so we can get started.


    I hadn’t seen this one:

    Please obtain login for all test affiliates so we can verify all stats and reports

    That is a possibility for Rome since I just signed up and have no funds and records in there.

    BUT – I never, ever let anyone into my accounts, not even trusted employees who have worked for me for years.

    Is that really necessary? What about screenshots?


    I thought that all of these test accounts (both player and affiliate) were to be new accounts so it never dawned on me that it would be an issue, but it does not matter to me either way.

    I give access to my accounts that I share with my staff so that they can tell me what’s owed, payment method and date payment is due as well as know that they are getting the right percentage of the revenue.


    Oh, I didn’t realize the aff accounts were all to be new. That I have no problem with. Makes sense, then we know who is what.

    I better recall the code from my staff then though, I just sent it on because we are gearing up to carrying Rome…

    That reduces my usefulness though, I think, I am signed up most everywhere and many places don’t allow double accounts…


    @Dominique 186830 wrote:

    That reduces my usefulness though, I think, I am signed up most everywhere and many places don’t allow double accounts…

    Yea I know, I’ve had that complaint from others, but I figure that they can open the account in a friend or relatives name since it’s just for this test. It can always be closed later.


    I could have Donna open them…


    I had one opened in Carol’s name it was approved today :)


    Ok Robin please discard the tag I sent, it is already in use by now.

    I am getting new one under someone else and will send as soon as they get approved.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)