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    I have been receiving emails from CanAffco for almost a year now. I never signed up to receive anything at all from CanAffco, so I’m not really sure why this started happening in the first place. I suppose my email address was sold to them, or the sender stole a database of email addresses from somewhere…. :nono:

    I have attempted to unsubscribe from the CanAffco emails three times in recent months. This seems to be a waste of time, as I keep receiving messages from CanAffco once or twice a month.

    Please take me off your mailing list immediately.

    eng—-in–eer—-15–53—-[at]—-ya—hoo—-[dot]—-com (delete all hyphens)


    Same here. I unsubscribed when (was it Gian?) came on the board apologizing for the spam (at least I think that’s what happened).

    Regardless, I still get that crap all the time and apparently cant do anything about it. Every time I see their name I get incensed and want to throw my laptop across the room.

    CanAffCo – you owe me 3 laptops :)


    There is no mystery about them getting my address, nor do I want to unsubscribe, but really, unsubscribes should be in working order. :hattip:


    Hey Guys,

    Sorry for the Spam. We use a 3rd party software with an unsubscribe, and in all seriousness these are the first complaints since a year ago when we launched.

    The paddle is out for a red-ass.

    Engineer – we removed you immediately.

    KWBlue – we cant find you based on the info we see here – can you PM me or reply with the email address you are receiving these emails at? I will have you “unsubscribed” immediately.

    Dominique – thanks, again :)

    Again my sincere apologies. I hope to see some of you in London!


    Gian Perroni


    Thanks Gian. :) See you in London!


    PM sent. Thanks Gian.


    Is the unsubscribe works now? I get emails from all kinds of programs but not three a day like CanAffco do you realy think I’ll do business with you???

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)