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    I could find a list of portal sponsors on CAC’s website, but none for se casinos?


    Let me guess…there are still no casinos who sponsor the event?


    Mark, how many affiliates +- will be attending, I see there are still no affiliate program sponsors.


    I am travelling in Japan right now at a conference. One of the things I enjoy doing is ….. coding… So the website programming is my doing, which I need to do. We actually have a few sponsors, I just need to update the site.

    We do have signups. Both affiliates and affiliate managers are coming. So far I am seeing both from the Eastern Europe. About 75% of the signups are names I have never seen before.

    Some in the industry are gung-ho about this market. Some have expressed fearfulness. It represents the ‘unknown’ to them.

    I have found that most Russians have no idea what affiliate marketing is. Those that do tend to be pretty good at it.

    Marc Lesnick
    Conference Organizer


    It seems kinda tough to get a sponsored affiliate pass for the Moscow event, as I still have no clue what affiliate programs have some available.

    I was a hundred percent positive about joining this event, but at this point it does not make sense as I do not know who is coming.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)