Cable access fees to rise for heavy users!!

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    Oh shit! My cable bill could skyrocket if the other cable companies follow Time Warner. This REALLY sucks for those of us who arent casual users



    Are you kidding me?

    They will lose some big business!


    Hmmm, may be a good opportunity to short-sell Timewarner stock :flush:


    @daweller 151094 wrote:

    Hmmm, may be a good opportunity to short-sell Timewarner stock :flush:

    Really? Other than for the general market meltdown obviosuly.

    But a look at that article clearly says that their top 5% of users are typically using more than half the network bandwidth – so on a cost recovery model this actually makes good sense. All users are definately not equal.

    What sort of charge are you paying professor ?

    Down here we have a flatish fee stucture – but it’s still broken in a tierred structure – and prices are something like

    < 2 GIG = $30 per month
    2-5 GIG = $50 per month
    5-9 GIG = $70 per month
    10-20 GIG = $90 per month
    20+ GIG = $110 per month

    Needless to say I’m on the all you can eat program …


    In the US most of us pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited broad band access either via Cable or DSL. Generaly that fee is around $50 per month.

    Up until now we have not been subject to timed usage or data sent tarrif.

    Thats what makes this frightening. Our monthly broadband costs could be raised by hundreds of dollars per month if these fees are adopted across the board.


    I don’t see how it could be cost effective for Comcast to go another way, they already charge plenty.

    I pay about $300 for cable a month = phone, net and television. I do clearly remember when each of those items were no more than 30 bux ea, and I’m not that dang old!

    It’s a bundle deal, you start out at $99 per month for a year, then it skyrockets.

    They DO have a monopoly when it comes to cable, all the utilities here do in fact, it’s law. But still, I can’t see be willing to pay more than I pay… it’s the smaller users that really get screwed here, I am on 24/7. Someone actually doing something. But they’d lose money giving those smaller bandwidth users a break…

    (I just boycotted those dang ppv movies this month, I used to watch 10+ of those household wide.. $5 ea my tooshie, we have a blockbuster acct, NetFlix, pshhh.. redbox is a buck!)

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