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Buy an internet gambling house, $500 – $6500?

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    I have had my eye on something like this for awhile now.. Their top package use to cost $2000 but it looks like it’s far more advanced now
    If everyone wants to, go ahead and check it out at and let me know what you think of it..

    If I have my own casino with its own domain, will I finally get search engine traffic?? Also, back in my day you had customers who would be worth $100-$10,000 over their life under you.. I think they use to say it averaged at around $600 but for me I would say it averaged $1000 or more…

    And that leads me to believe that even a little bit of SE traffic would really give me a good chance at establishing an income and I think that I would recover my invesment rather quickly…

    Am I pretty close to being correct about this.. ??

    I believe I would choose the $3000 custom deluxe package because it offers an affiliate program.. I think that having affiliates would be an INVALUABLE marketing tool.. right or wrong???

    My marketing budget wouldn’t be huge at first, but if I spend a few hundred more getting into all of the major search engines, and get some people out promoting my site as affiliates, I am hoping I could generate at least enough revenue to reinvest back into marketing… what do you think folks?



    I think you will go a lot farther focusing on affiliates rather than on SEO traffic.



    Don’t do it!!!

    All that is is a white label – you don’t get a casino, you get to market it. It’s just one big giant link to one casino.

    And they do sh**ty work making the site for you.

    Been there, almost tried it, got out after making a deposit and never saw the deposit again.

    There are a number of very good affiliate programs with other casino groups who will give you a casino template for free!!

    You won’t have affiliates, either. You will be just like us with portals, getting traffic on your one, but you will have all your eggs in one basket. One casino.

    This is a rip off.


    The best person that I know of to get advice and tips regarding private label/white label casinos is Mike76, of this forum.


    ‘I believe I would choose the $3000 custom deluxe package because it offers an affiliate program.. I think that having affiliates would be an INVALUABLE marketing tool.. right or wrong???’

    No one is going to sign up for your affiliate program. You’ll have a big bold powered by windows casino logo on your front page. Webmasters will be able to go to windows casino and claim a 50% commission and the best you’ll be able to offer is 30% or so.

    This is really not a good private label option. There are no good reasons for paying this much for a template, because that’s all you’re getting. Unless you have half a million dollars the best way to enter this industry is as an affiliate.



    yes they’re right. I didn’t pay any attention to whether it was a template or not, I just was answering the question of whether you would make more money by spending what capital you have towards getting SEO, or towards getting affiliates.

    And I can assure you, you would make more money getting affiliates than you would spending for SEO, because one way you’d be getting search engine traffic thru one source (your site) instead of getting traffic from a huge multitude of sites which all get search engine traffic.

    but you’ve got to have something that people are willing to promote.

    Sorry bout that.


    I have to say I agree with all the previous posts that suggest you stay out of this one. You would just end up paying for a template that is “powered” by windows casino and quite frankly even if you could get the affiliateprogram I am quite sure no-one who knows the biz and can make you money is going to market it.

    There are a lot of these white/privatelabel casinos around, but sadly most of them are just powered by templates. Now some say that they still work, but somehow I feel that any quality/experiensed player who downloads say “My Name Casino” and then is getting a Windows Casino software/lobby is not very happy about it and if he or she doesn´t get the affiliation then they might feel unsecure and confused and end up leaving the place frustrated.

    Now I have tested a few of these and the one I found to be the most professional and quite intresting was the BTD privatelabel where you had your own affiliateprogram and customised software(It was free if you did it by yourself), but in the end I must say that was the biggest mistake I have ever made in the gaming biz. These guyes never converted and I endet up wasting a lot of money and time promoting them and since I stopped I have been going up and get to make a living with this.

    The best solution that I have found so far is the GamblingFederation and I am very happy with the results and the way they have treated me, but if you wish to have your own affiliateprogram then you must first bring a lot of business to the label you have and you must have a good gameplan that describes how you would be building the business if you were given your own casino with affiliateprogram. Now I have been an affiliate of theirs a long time and now finally I am getting my own casino with affiliateprogram and thus I will be offering this program pretty soon, I earlier promised to deliver a set of websites that I can customise for affiliates and as I get the casino up and running I will do those for anyone who want´s to give it a try. I know I am a bit behind schedule and I must apologyse for that, but I will get there soon :)

    I have not yet been able to find any casino that offers you your own casino package with affiliateprogram right away except BTD, but I would advice you to stay away from it. There are however some casino packages that you can purchase with 8 – 15k initial investment, but I would again advise you to stay away since those softwares are not nearly as good and regognised than the bigger ones and thus most of the affiliates would not give you the time of day. There is also another thing to worry about when owning a casino as you will then be responsible for all the operational costs and if you dont have a bankroll big enough with a bit of bad luck you might become bankrupt owing the players money and needles to say – you are out of business for good.

    I hope this helps and I am sure you can find the answers to your questions from here at CAP.


    Good search engine traffic will easily beat anything sent from affiliates unless the parent site is of reasonable size. In this case no affiliate money would ever come in, so any search engine traffic would be better than that zero, but on the other hand a few hundred bucks devoted to search engines will do zip… unless it comes equipped with a few hundred hours of useful labor.


    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to this forum stuff, so hope I am doing this correctly. I have been a little intimidated, as I was afraid if I don’t get it right someone may chew me up and spit me out. I’ve seen what they do to people in some of the other forums . . but everyone over here seems to be quite friendly.

    In regard to the ongoing debate about the Widows Casino Private Label Casinos. I bought one a few months ago and so far have been very happy with it.

    I thought they did a great job with the design. I described what I wanted and they sent screenshots for me to critique until we were able to get exactly what I wanted.

    As to the affiliate program, keep in mind if someone is already an affiliate with Windows Casino they will not be able to be an affiliate of your Private Label Casino as their software does not allow more than one registration from the same person. (If I had it to do over again, this is the only thing I would do differently.)

    axecadillac . . if you still want to do this you may want to consider the less expensive option without the affiliate program.

    * OK . . now that I have made my first post will someone please explain to me . . how do I get the smiley guys in here? I clicked on the radio button . . does that mean he’ll show up here?


    Welcome to CAP, LasVegasLady! :bigsmile:

    I’m glad you’re having a positive experience with the Windows Private Labels.

    As for the smileys, the radio buttons at the top put the smiley beside your thread post, and the Smileys in the box to the left of the message form put the smiley within your message. Just click and they appear.

    ….sometimes they seem to have a mind of their own as to where they appear in the message….


    Hi Fergie,

    Thanks for the welcome and for helping me out with the smileys. I’ll have to try it out . . :) :p :D :)

    Cool !

    In response to antoine who said . .

    “Webmasters will be able to go to windows casino and claim a 50% commission and the best you’ll be able to offer is 30% or so.”

    A lot of people have links at their portal sites for casinos paying no more than 30% to 35% anyway. Why would they choose not to promote yet another casino offering 30% to 35%? It offers their visitors one more selection.

    The only thing I can see that presents a real problem is the fact that practically everyone is already an affiliate with Windows Casino, so the fact that the software won’t allow additional ID numbers for the same person would limit the number of affiliates one would be able to get with a Windows Casino Private Label.


    ‘A lot of people have links at their portal sites for casinos paying no more than 30% to 35% anyway. Why would they choose not to promote yet another casino offering 30% to 35%? It offers their visitors one more selection.’

    You are right that 35% commission is good for a casino. But my point is that an affiliate could go directly to the windows casino website and promote them and receive 45% plus a bounty. So from an affiliates perspective to promote you versus windows casino directly would cost them at least 10% profit.

    I am glad to hear that they do great web design. My biggest problem is with it is probably having the ‘powered by windows casino’ logo on the website as this might confuse some people. One thing about Windows casino is that they are upfront and very honest when it comes to paying. I didn’t promote them for over a year and they still sent regular checks in the mail. It also shows that they retain players very well.



    my experience exactly.


    Here’s the solution:

    You use a domain such as This way, your white label is not compromised by ‘powered by windows casino’ logos everywhere. You could even use the same logo for your site.

    Going cheap if you want it :)

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