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BS Report Fixed, Payment sent on the 15th of January

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    Hi All,

    Please note that BrightShare Reports have been fixed and the payment for December’s earnings are sent out on the 15th of January.

    5 single payments are still on hold due to lack of activities in their accounts and will be taken care of within this week.

    Any questions, please always write to me at:
    Best Regards,


    Thanks Liyu,

    depressing though that after the reports were fixed that my earnings were almost 60% less than they were showing.

    If the fix means that there are no discrepencies from here on and the stats show exactly what we are supposed to receive.. then great… No need to get heart broken like that again ;)


    Well I realise that you “think” they have been fixed but if you look at my attached screenshot you can see that there is still some funny business going on.

    Why does it show a significantly negative margin for someone who is supposedly not playing at all?


    Today a deposit for the other player showed up so it seems the fixing of the stats is ongoing. Thanks!


    man I got hit hard on a couple of accounts, the main one being at about 25% and the others are completely in the red.

    I hope this isn’t going to be like that next month. I have a handful of proven long time players and when you see such a drop off and then there are issues going on at the same time … well I’d appreciate it if you’d look further into my stats because of that 25% (or less actually) … about a third of it came from a 2nd teir.

    there wasn’t one big winner and as such the drop-off is across the board.

    my logins are sodlb, stevebb2 and stevebb3. Maybe I just had winnes but they all came at once and in timing with the tracking issues.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)