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Bingo content thieves!

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    I was kind of taken aback when I realised that some bingo reviews had been copied from my main bingo site WORD FOR WORD by 2 scummy sites.

    here’s an example:


    Similarly they have copied varbatim the reviews for Bingo Cafe, Bingo Liner, Bingos UK. They have also copied important aspects of my design and images etc. But that doesn’t concern me too much.

    I have contacted them directly via the email address they provide demanding they change their pages to orginal content or remove the pages altogether. I’m not holding my breath though. So i contacted the affiliate managers directly to see if they can help and deactivate their accounts.

    I’m not sure how else to proceed with this one. But, what is most shameful is that a simple look on reveals a lot about who these sites belong to. I don’t want to start digging up dirt but these 2 sites are connected to Exotic Bingo in Cyprus, part of the Bingo Entertainment Network. Exotic Bingo incidentally are doing very well on the Google serps.

    If anyone else has any ideas as to what else I can do please…I’m all ears! I just can’t believe there are organisations and people like this who steal and take advantage of other people’s hard work.


    Find them in google and file a google complaint. They often respond to theft complaints by manually dumping the site within a couple of weeks, although not always. Make a new complaint for each instance.

    In the spot they have for your comments, put all the info you found.


    Thanks so much Dominique. I had forgotten about that crucial bit. In fact my pages had gone supplemental whilst theirs were in the index.

    So I had just finishied filing the complaints to Google when I get and email back from them saying that they have changed the pages to their own content and lo and behold they have!

    I don’t know what Google will make of it because I gave my URLs too for them to compare. I assume they’ll be able to check the caches.

    In any case I’m glad it was resolved so quickly!


    Don’t worry about google, this happens a lot.

    Glad you got it solved!


    Hi Mate

    Afew posts down the same happened to me.

    Look at my site here now look at this site

    They have changed all the articels now, but every single one was copied, everything word for word, but the design and titles are still the same.


    That’s a bummer.

    You could try contacting the affiliate managers who will take the matter seriously. Also try contacting the hosting company (you can find this in the whois info).

    Also, try domain tools. You can buy certain reports quite cheaply which reveal quite a lot, such as reverse IP (who else is hosted at the same IP), plus theres loads more on there.

    I dont think you can do anything about the design though.

    Unfortunately it seems that theres people who still think that all you have to do is rip off a website to earn a quick buck. They are obviously ignorant to how search works and the damage they can do in the process.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)