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Best Crypto..

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    Hey guys,

    I promote a couple of Crypto casinos, but was interested in which one was ‘laid out best’ from a graphical standpoint… Meaning, when you go to the casino, which one has a better look and feel. Granted this is subjective..


    Which one is best from a graphical layout standpoint?
    Which one is best from a $$$ standpoint?
    Which one is best from a player stanpoint?




    I don’t have much experience with crypto so I can’t help much.

    What I know is that Inter Casino is very good in terms of graphics, has very nice slots, like the new Marvel ones, and although I don’t have much players on that casinos, the ones I have tend to deposit good amounts.


    Right now I promote Intercasino… So far I see downloads and registrations (not much), but never any real money players.

    For nearly the same number of downloads for any Microgaming casino, I get several real money players.

    Just curious if there was a better casino to represent.. Or what else might be out there.


    I agree with you on that since the same problem happens with me. Microgaming and RTG casinos have much better performance on my site than Inter Casino. You can also try focal click casinos like Omni. I don’t know if they perform any better than Inter Casino.


    Intercasino is our best long time converter of simply ALL programs
    you just make more money in long run with them.

    Microgaming okay to get new players and make money short term, but mostly they dont seme convert in long run:confused:
    big whales just semes go away there.???
    I have no idea why?????

    The best long time converter are:
    Car sands

    And uk
    WIlliam hill

    There are also some RTG casinos that okay and convert good in long run

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)