BAH threatens to reduce my commission to 5%: ugly and unprofessional

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    I received a letter from BAH stating that I have a 3 months to fulfil certain criteria (number of new depositors) in order to stay at the same level of commission otherwise it will be reduced to 5%. Well, I am not sure that this was in the original T&C when I started to work with BAH and if it is retroactively applied. Fact is that it look quite ugly and unprofessional to threaten me like this.
    On the other hand it is very strange because all the times I contacted them to ask for text link or banner I have been rejected or replied as if I were an idiot.


    When this happens I simply rouge the casinos. Doesnt seem to take long for them to come back around.


    Trifonoff… Just wanted to give you an update. We’re in the process of reaching out to bet-at-home to try to help resolve this issue. More (hopefully) to follow soon.


    Same here, as a result i dismissed their creatives in seconds. Anyway, already had terrible conversion rates with them, so… RIP bet-at-home.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)