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Backend Stats and Bets column – do you not count those?

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    Hi there,

    Recently I came to notice something odd in my account with Poker 770 stats. I work with many i poker sites and know the system well. So here since i don’t check often i decided to check.

    You have several columns that shows players activity. I will list my numbers just for this month of September but please be advised its happened on other months as well at least for the last 6 months and perhaps longer.

    I need to know what you guys pay for and what you keep. My understanding as an affiliate i would male 25% of all players losses/activity with their accounts when they make a deposit.

    Lets just look at September,

    My column for one player reads like this.

    Deposit $134.97 – Poker Bonus $36.27 – Bets $176.53. Now this leads me to believe in fact there is activity, perhaps side games since this player has lost $176.53

    When i look at my commission for this Top Level revenue $-7.25.

    I m curious how this can be so if the player wagered $176.53.

    do you not pay for side bet games??




    Got an email from Alex which claims Poker Gains – your affiliate program does not pay for “Bets”.

    “We don t pay commission to our affiliate on the bet column but on the rake and fees column”

    I am not understanding how if I get a player to make a deposit and make bets and loose to the house – why you do not pay commission on that??

    My understanding is – all money earned from players contributions should be part of the commission otherwise its simply unfair.

    Please answer


    Answer please??

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)