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B4Playing is up

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    CAP members,
    Our product, the casino and poker smart tool is up and running. You are welcome to visit our site and download the product.

    Your feedback will be appreciated either here or at our form
    Looking forward to your feedback

    Please note that we do not take US players and the client will be blocked sometime next week.


    I think this looks like a great tool a player can use its like a portal seating on ur desktop…Why didn’t think of that:banger:

    I read in some threads about some affiliates here afraid the this company will steal your players…doesn’t seem logic to me that a company that is there to make money will try and hurt itself by hurting it affiliates…I guess there are here to make money for a long time…and I guess they invested enough money to make this cool tool, besides how do know the stats u see on the casino affiliate program are true?

    Anyway I work almost exclusively on CPA, and I think that this MCPA thing they are running is brilliant…instead of making $100 per player I can make $300, that $200 I would have never seen for that player.

    So guys cut them some slack…I registered to their problem and sure am going to give them a chance.

    Damn, i should have chosen a different username…now im stuck with newbie although im an expert:wink-wink:tongue:


    thanks newbie…or expert! I am sure you will make lots of money with us!




Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)