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    I’ve noticed that a few affiliates received their commissions around the 7th and 10th of December. I used to receive my commissions via Neteller during the first half of each month. Early last month, I changed my payment preference to request payment via “Wire Transfer”.

    I’m still waiting for my payment, which would’ve arrived by now had I left the payment preference set to Neteller. I did not complete the “Correspondent Bank” information because it is not mandatory, and I have requested payment in Canadian Dollars.

    When will I receive my payment via Wire Transfer?

    My Username/email address is: adelawwad AT

    Alternatively, I can change the payment method back to Neteller or EcoCard if it’s more convenient.

    Please reply as soon as possible.

    Thank you.


    I received an email that the payment was sent via Neteller on the 23rd of December and that it should be in my Neteller account. However, I still haven’t received it.

    Then I received an email to check both Neteller and my bank account.

    Guess what??? I still haven’t received the payment, and why am I being asked to check my bank account when the payment history section of my affiliate account states that the payment was sent via Neteller on the 23rd of December?

    Fortune Affiliates….

    1. When did you send my payment?

    2. How did you send my payment?

    3. Why haven’t I received my payment?


    I just received an email that I was paid by wire transfer on the 7th of December.

    If this is the case, then…

    1. Why haven’t I received the payment yet?

    2. Why does the payment history in my affiliate account read:
    Payment Date: 23 Dec 2007
    Payment Method: Neteller
    Reference Number: Ref Wire Payment

    I’m not very impressed with Fortune Affiliates, and I hope that you resolve this issue very soon!!!

    and what’s the point of having a forum here when you won’t even reply to your affiliates’ concerns here


    I received the payment today via neteller. The wire transfer was incorrectly processed by the bank. It wasn’t Fortune Affiliates fault. I apologise to Fortune Affiliates and thank them for resolving this issue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)