Avoid working with Clarity Leeds – Scam issue

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    In late June of 2013, Affactive met with two representatives from a company called Clarity Leeds to finalize an agreement to begin a mobile traffic campaign. The agreed upon cost of this campaign was in the amount of £7000 and based on 31 players at 250 CPA.

    During our meeting, it was made clear that our RTG Casinos were (at the time) not available for Android and only available for select iOS supported devices. After a long delay with no response, we were informed by these two representatives that traffic could not be sent due to a lack of Android support which of course was something we had previously confirmed upon our agreement.

    We immediately requested a refund but they informed us that traffic would be sent during Christmas and if nothing were to come of it, we would be completely refunded. Christmas came and went and nothing was done, no traffic, no leads. Clarity Leeds themselves then postponed the campaign to January. It is now February and only three test accounts making minimum deposits have been recorded. This has convinced us that Clarity Leeds are not committed to moving forward in a professional manner and therefore we are requesting a full refund.

    Clarity Leeds is now claiming that they be compensated for players, which they have acknowledged were test account in previous emails we kept.

    Please be aware of anyone claiming to work at Clarity Leeds. Probably you will meet them at the conferences, as we did.

    As of now, they are not willing to send traffic as agreed to or refund us for the campaign, which was the option we requested from the first place.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)