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anybody explain … Prima’s sucking wind

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    Hi all,

    was kicked out of prima for awhile. got back in and noticed …. .literally years later … they are sucking.

    perhaps the reason I was allowed back in. don’t know. but they were doing much, much better years ago … and now after all these years … you can’t even find a sit and go table to buy in for much more than $10.

    I usually play at $30 to $50 at FT.

    though that said… if I ever lose my buy in there…. I won’t go back. they’ve caused me to lose or not get top spot in sit and goes so many times because of their lack of server abilities…


    I used to use Prima alot through VIP. But after two updates ago the play has been very shady at least. More strange flops and hands then you can shake a stick at. Now im off looking for a better poker room.


    I use to play a lot at prima, it was the first software I played with real money. I kind of liked it back then. Can’t say much now. Now I play only at Party and Stars.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)