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any vbulletin experts in da house?

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    I need to use the same vbulletin database on 2 separate domains.. anyone got any experience with this?


    First of all you can’t use it directly like that, because forum name, domain, selected style, etc. preferences are also in there.

    Secondly, little quote from vBulletin License Agreement, that may ably

    vBulletin license grants you the right to run one instance (a single installation) of the Software on one web server and one web site for each license purchased. Each license may power one instance of the Software on one domain. For each installed instance of the Software, a separate license is required. Modifications to the software or database to circumvent the one-license-one-board rule are prohibited.

    Third, even if you could do it I wouldn’t recommed it. In active forum people are always going to make internal links to older posts and that doesn’t work exactly as you would hope, with 2 domains.

    And my last point is… If you have the same content on 2 sites, searchengines or atleast Google is going to notice that and it’s never good for your rank.

    I would suggest using just 1 domain and then redirecting the other 1 to it, or make a landing page that says the secondary domain has been merged to the primary domain. :tongue:

    Nevertheless if you still want to try it, I think that you might get best results at forum (official vbulletin modification forum)


    i already have 2 licences and vbull running on 2 sites.

    I know of some sites which do just what i am after. It requires some modification of the scripts to sort out cookies, sessions and so on. I am happy to noindex one of the instances.

    yeh i’ll have a look on vbull site.. I saw some stuff on there ages ago regarding this but it required a lot of template edits and was for an old version of vbull..


    Don’t get me wrong, it is possible.

    It just isn’t going to be easy and you will need to make alot of modifications to templates and even some changes to main code.
    Also all your upcoming updates must be made by had, just to make sure it doesn’t “fix” your modifications. :sarcasm:

    Im sure that there is atleast few vbulletin pros here, but has just about every1 of them. Open up a new topic there, you will get your answers faster.

    You might also wan’t to think about hiring a freelancer to do this. I know that might not be the best way, but it seem to be the vbulletin way. :hmmm:


    I hear u knocking. Cheers for the reply :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)