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Any honest RTG programs back ?

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    Hi kwblue,

    Thank you.

    NOT so cool.


    @casinotime 134974 wrote:

    The lately i cant get answer to my emails to figure out were the signups are coming from… location.

    Hi casinotime,

    You can find were the signups are coming from in program:

    REPORTING -> Player Report.

    ALL your old US players/signups are removed to Mainstreet about 3 month ago.

    Did you get paid for those players and can you se US stats in program ??


    It isn’t fair to imply that all RTG casinos / affiliate programs are bad.

    CWC Affiliates is an outstanding RTG group. They always pay affiliates on the first day of the month. Players are treated well.

    Mainstreet Affiliates has been nothing but a pleasure to work with, and they convert quite well for me. Retention seems decent too.

    Bodog is another reputable RTG casino. My affiliate managers have been friendly, helpful, and available whenever I needed them. You do need to be reviewed and approved before you can promote them (they don’t just accept anyone who applies), so this could be a problem if you have a junky looking site.

    casinotime, I would suggest switching over to some RTGs that accept U.S. players. Earn United tanked for me too, after the U.S. ban went into effect. But there are still a lot of good RTG options to choose from. I do well with the three programs I listed above. I haven’t worked with iNetBet, so I can’t comment on that program.


    Thanks all

    I will then try forward all my rtg traffic to CWC.


    mainstreet? WHAT? no idea about that and have not been informed… that players were moved. Shit. how do i figure that out… i mean do i have an account not knowing about that? now im full of questions.

    DCBONUS, I checked my singups as you said and as i was aware of…. I have sign ups but no depositors… when i check the playr report i get:

    “Player Report reports new signups and their profitability during the specified date range” and not signups listed

    I still like earnunited even if it converts zero for me hehe



    I had a question about the relationship between Mainstreet and Earn United a while ago. Here is the thread:


    I can say that CWC Affiliates has been an honest program in every respect since we started working with them.

    They have given us great service as well.

    So I would recommend them as a good RTG program.


    any predatory terms should be avoided at all costs. it sets precedents that are unacceptable to affs.

    no comments on who is …… or isn’t guilty… just that if predatory terms are seen…. they should be avoided.


    I would recommend Rushmore Casino & Club World Casinos, as two honest RTG platforms.


    This is why I stick with partners with whom I work for many years without problems. High revenue for a while, etc? Don’t care about it. I like stability.


    Thanks everyone i have try CWC Affiliates and Club USA Casino :happydanc

    All works great so cool mann.

    Players get bonus instantly credited to account no bull here.

    And affiliate stats are great also with fast and right update. :hattip:

    Do anyone know if they have banners and maby a landing page for the free no deposit bonus ?

    Thanks again everyone and have a nice weekend. :chearlead

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)