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Any chance of a look folks?

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    Hi all,

    Any chance you can have a quick look at my site and offer pointers? All help much appreciated!




    OK – I took a look – and be warned I don’t sugar coat the truth.

    Typically I hate anything that is dark background with light text – but it works quite well with your heading picture. It just goes to show that you can break rules – well done.

    However .. (and it is a big however) … the site lacks a focus or a reason for existing at all – other than it’s yours. It’s a cookie cutter affiliate site. You’ll get some sales if you can get traffic – but most of your clicks will NOT be buying.

    What I mean is the sales pitch for anyone that does land on your site seems to have been cookie-cut out of the affiliate packs. So it’s one of 10,000 sites battling for the same SERPS with the same content and unlikely to feature in the search engines.

    So you’ll need an aggressive linking effort to see any traffic at all.

    Additionally it’s hard to see how you will entice repeat visitors because there is nothing available that is unique or interesting (other than the initial layout idea)

    Think about your target market.
    – What question did you have when you first played?
    – What questions might they have?
    – How can you answer them on your site to make it useful?

    Additionally the links down the site (under the GAMES tag) are not to your site but direct to casinos. That might seem a smart idea but it’s not. If you send me to a casino when I wasn’t ready then I won’t buy – and I certainly won’t go back to your site.

    So overall :
    – graphically it’s a reasonable effort ……. 6 1/2 out of 10.
    – but in terms of business sales it’s low … maybe 2 out of 10.

    It’s a good first effort JACK but it seems to me that you haven’t really thought about how to sell to your visitors – you’ve simply thrown some ads at them.


    How did you manage to get google adsense on the bottom of your page, I though google had banned the use of adsense on gaming pages.


    The color scheme looks great with the logo on top – but when it comes to reading the colors literally hurt my eyes.

    So I agree, too dark.


    Hi all,

    Thanks for the input! Very much appreciated. I agree Gooner, I don’t sugar-coat and do appreciate when people are straight with me. Your points are well taken and understood.

    I’ll be removing the Google ads as it really doesn’t pay to p*ss them off. I tried to offer a different look with the colour scheme and it seems to be polarising opinions. Some love it some hate it. I’ll be redesigning the layout etc. and perhaps try to focus on more content than just pointed links. I wanted to have something which allowed people to play games for free and then offer them a choice to play for money. Some redesigning to be done methinks!

    All help much appreciated folks!



    good SEO-friendly markup – agree with mr gooner re:design.

    best of luck with it sir!


    Thanks for the comments. I’ve taken on board all that was said and am in the process of changing it. New look should be up and running shortly. All help very much appreciated!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)