and then another idiot wrote to me…

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    usually i delete stupid emails, (selling cpc’s, 3 way link exchanges, chinese labour or what not), but today somehow i felt compelled to reply:

    fuck, just realised that i cant jsut throw quotes, but also explain it…now here is the first email:

    I’ve come across some great blogs about

    I wanted to discuss the marketing and brand reach I can bring to your site. I have a large targeted traffic source
    network with the key core demographic in the 18-34 group.

    We can target contextually and behaviorally using site and channel specific pops, banners, interstitials and we have an
    exclusive CPC feed at .01 per-click.

    I run several successful campaigns for casino-related sites and provide a very effective and affordable way of testing
    our network.

    Please email or IM me back and let’s discuss bringing our 180 million unique users to your site.

    sent mail:

    Hello Dustin,

    there are questions i have. i prefer if you dont beat around the bush,
    otherwise i’ve wasted my time writing this email.

    3 questions:

    1. who are you?

    2. Who is “we”?

    3. Why would i want to work with you?

    4. And finally, show me some credibility. Who you’ve worked with. This
    point is the most important. If i don’t get a right answer, then don’t
    expect a reply. That means that you do not send me another email.



    reply to reply or something..any beer in the house?

    Ola Dustin,

    seems to me like a sales job…not much behind that…but then again,
    let me take ’em one at a time.

    > I am a traffic provider with We have a large network
    > of publishers (120-140 million unique users a month) that can drive
    > targeted 18-34 yr old demographic traffic. We can target traffic by
    > geographic location, by keyword and context, and by behavior.

    if i was some loony member of some union, then maybe this shit
    would pass. but you cant expect me to believe you on your number
    typing skills. at the end of the day i ask “who are you”, not how
    many people you work with. or what your demographics are. tell you
    what, if you can’t answer simple questions, then definitely we have no
    future! (or maybe get your boss to teach you right)….

    and the answer is: i work for a so and so company which has been
    involved in so and so business…etc. oh, and don’t do the “so and so”
    fill in the blank please…easily trackable

    > – Our campaigns are extremely low risk and we make it easy to test our
    > network.
    zzzz…riiight…sold! haha might as well try to give me something

    > – No contract required with us, you set your daily spending to any
    > amount as low as $25/day, and we can shut down the campaign at any
    > time if it doesn’t perform.
    let me help you to tell you why you are not worth even my typing time.
    you have no contract, nobody knows you, and you will shut down any
    campaign that doesn’t perform…sexy!

    > – We run everything for you. The way we operate is by completely
    > managing/optimizing the campaign for you to achieve your CPA/ROI goals
    > and then shift to a long term campaign. Thus, no reason for us to
    > force you into any kind of contract – it either works or it doesn’t,
    > and the quicker we find out the better. It’s actually a no-brainer to
    > test our network, as many times we can beat your CPA goal by a good
    > margin. And if it doesn’t succeed, it costs very little.
    so do you really run everything for me or do I need to give you keys
    to my flat?. “shift to a long term campaign” – right. let me pay you
    some money to join your long term campaign…muhahahaa….yes it is a
    no brainer. blow me sideways, is what i usually say to “no
    brainers”…and if it doesn’t succeed, it “costs very little”?


    > 4. “And finally, show me some credibility. Who you’ve worked with.”

    > Some examples: Jack9, Heavy,, Rockyou, Userplane,
    > Rodale, Buzznet, Oddcast, Internet brands, Celebully.
    a. Jack9 – so which one is it? there are at least 3 of ’em, and none
    of them look like your “needy peoples” business…

    tell you what, your sales pitch is very doubtful with any site you
    would like me to associate you with. so sorry mate, but bugger off.

    dude, get a different job or something. and never contact me again.



    i appologize for disturbing your time…:rockband:…but then again, i dont think i’ld buy you tickets to led zepellin :D hahaha


    hahaha – the sad thing is that some people probably bite off on this and get his/her shitty traffic.

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