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Allstar Affiliate Links Redirecting To GoldenCasino?

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    Please correct me on this if I’m wrong, but I have Online Casino, Golden Palace, and Aspinall’s that still work, and I assume they are not taking U.S Players. Is that correct?

    All others from Casino Blasters, and All Stars are being redirected to Golden Casino. Is that correct?

    As I understand it, all affiliates now have an account at …..using their Casino Blaster login info.
    Is that correct?

    What about All Stars? I see no mention of those affiliate accounts.

    And lastly, I noticed that of the three Casino Blaster Casinos that still work, they are popping an exit window to “Before You Go” which is mostly showing the New, “Golden Casino”, which is on Odds On software, but the exit Windows are not carrying forward the affiliate tags.
    Could you all please fix that, and let us know the status of All Stars since all of those are going to Golden Casino now.




    It’s the same with AllStar. They sent out an email also. Perhaps you didn’t receive it:

    Dear Valued Affiliate,

    As a result of the recent internet gaming bill in the USA, the partner sites will no longer allow gaming by USA residents.

    All USA player accounts from the family of sites have been transferred to , a company that is committed to providing uncompromising gaming and service to their customers. AllStarAffiliates and/or its partner sites are not affiliated with has its own affiliate program, All affiliate accounts have been transferred to The same username and password you are currently using with will allow you access to your account on

    All USA traffic should be redirected to the website using your links. You must change your current redirect links no later than December 1st, 2006.

    The system will payout, in full, all the USA-generated commission you are owed up until November 9, 2006. From this date forward any USA commissions earned from new or transferred players will be paid out from thanks you for the business over the years and looks forward to working with you on your non-US traffic. Rest assured we will continue to provide you with the same great service, support, and on-time payouts you have grown to love us for.

    Even though is no longer accepting USA player revenue, we see a bright future for online gaming in the rest of the world. Although we believe that compliance with the new laws is paramount, we hope people will exercise their right to challenge government policy and voice their opinions. A person’s right to free speech is one of America’s greatest freedoms, and we remind the people that the power to vote is the power to change.

    Keep those players coming!
    The Team @

    As I understand it, all affiliates now have an account at …..using their Casino Blaster login info.
    Is that correct?

    Yes! That is correct.


    I just got the one from All Stars.

    What a mess, huh? I’ll be updating stuff for weeks, maybe months.
    Oh well, it’s not like anyone planned this crap.

    Note to Casino Blasters though:
    Please fix the exit window problem of not carrying over the affiliate tags.
    I’m guessing not many of us can afford to provide much free traffic at this time!:1circling


    YVW, Nick:cheers:

    What a mess, huh?

    That’s saying it lightly. I have no idea what to do with all their banners. I do have international traffic but, not sure what is redirecting. I’m not going to leave all their banners up if they are all going to redirect. Unfortunatley, I am not able to see if they are not redirecting as I am in the USsleepy.gif

    As far as an exit window, I went to all the casinos you had listed and didn’t once get an exit window. Odd. Seems to me they have alot of stuff skrewed up right now.

    We definately should have been kept in the loop. I’m quite disappointed in them right now.

    I just love their disclaimers in their emails:

    AllStarAffiliates and/or its partner sites are not affiliated with

    CasinoBlasters and/or its partner sites are not affiliated with

    Sounds like they are making it so we don’t blame them when things go wrong.

    Yep! Just shove us out and leave us high and dry:fencing:



    i am with CB and AllStar as well.
    Now they give me two BestCasinoPartner accounts,
    which one should i use ?
    or have to use both ?

    In their recent email

    >> All USA traffic should be redirected to the website using your links. You must change your current redirect links no later than December 1st, 2006.

    >> All USA traffic should be redirected to the website using your links. You must change your current redirect links no later than December 1st, 2006.

    how to do the change ?
    Please give us detailed instruction


    ok, trying to clear this up:

    Allstar, Blasters: Non US players only, courtesy of playtech.

    Golden: US players will be mapped to Golden, and with them all the corresponding affiliate accounts. So affiliates will not be left in the cold like with so many other playtech programs, but their US players remain credited to them.

    The migration of stats to the Golden (best casino Partners) will take place over the course of the next couple of weeks. Don’t panic until later in the month if nothing is there.

    Blasters and Allstate did what they could to save the day for affiliates. They took the touble to make sure people don’t lose their hard earned players, even when Blasters itself couldn’t profit from them anymore.

    They did the best they could with a bad situation, and I commend them for it. :hattip:


    Ok I have had enough time to cool off and I just want to say the following about all this:


    1. I am happy that Casino Blasters has offered an alternative to their US based players rather then just slam the door in their faces like some of the other playtech operators did.

    2. I generally like OddsOn / Vegas Tech software and for me it has performed well over the years under the Casino Coins brand.

    3. Until this point I have had a great deal of faith in Casino Blasters and believe that they do value their affiliates and fully expect them to pay us and honor their commitments.


    1. I was and am EXTREMELY displeased in how the changes were communicated. I dont appreciate being treated like a child and kept in the dark until AFTER changes are made. We are partners and PARTNERS COMMUNICATE. There is no excuse for how this was handled.

    2. I was and am EXTREMELY unhappy with the decision to just switch where traffic was being directed WITHOUT prior notice to affiliates. Had we been provided notice we could have updated creatives and supporting text on our pages. Why would ANYONE think it a good idea to just shuttle off visitors to a DIFFERENT place then they thought they were going? It’s disorienting to the players and it makes US the referring affiliate look like imbeciles. I DONT APPRECIATE IT AT ALL WHEN A PARTNER MAKES ME LOOK LIKE AN IMBECILE IN FRONT OF MY CLIENTS.

    3. I am personally VERY disappointed in how Jeff handled things with me and CAP. He SWORE that we would be told what was going on PRIOR to any actual changes being made or announced. He asked me to post to let everyone know that everything was cool and would in fact be BETTER then before. I did post because I trusted Jeff. Then within HOURS of our conversation they sent out the announcements we all received and NO, he DIDN’T call first as he promised. I found out about it when I checked the forum here. I felt like a total idiot. ESPECIALLY after I went to bat for him. I feel like I was kicked in the balls for being trusting and loyal to a long term relationship. Silly me.

    4. I am not 100% satisfied that all the bugs have been worked out or that everything is being tracked or credited properly. While it may not be true, IT APPEARS that this change over is being done on the fly. That doesnt make me very confident. I am personally going to wait until I am sure everything is stable, transfered, tracked and that players can succesfully download and register to play before I take any chances with my traffic or visitors. I think this is a prudent course to follow.

    5. WHY, WHY, WHY are there NO POSTS or PUBLIC RESPONSES from Casino Blasters? What’s being hidden? We are a community built around the concept of open communication. WHY is Casino Blasters totally silent here at CAP all of a sudden. I find this very disturbing and unacceptable behavior.

    Ok, I said my peace


    I think Blasters should have posted some information here well before they started making changes. Everyone should have had access to the information, not just a select few.

    That said, I am glad that our U.S. players aren’t simply shut out. I have to wonder, why didn’t Wager Share do something like this? Why didn’t all of the other Playtech programs do this? Instead, those players are lost forever.

    One thing that I am still not happy with, is the fact that my links are being redirected to Golden Casino. I would rather update my reviews of Merlins Magic, Grand Riviera, etc. and tell the reader that U.S. players are no longer accepted at these casinos. I could write something along the lines of, “Sorry, U.S. players can’t play here anymore, BUT you can play at Golden Casino!” and then have a link out to Golden Casino from the Merlins Magic review…. something like that.

    I need people to land at Golden Casino “properly” — that is, they need to know they are going to end up at Golden Casino before they click out. I want my readers to still be able to visit the Merlins Magic site if they want, even if they can’t play there. I am very opposed to censorship via geotargeting.

    I would ask that CB / AA please stop redirecting my traffic ASAP. This is bad for business — maybe not for you — but I think you are hurting my reputation by forcing me to mislead my visitors.



    I have been quiet, just reading and waiting, but i have to speak now. I agree 100% with your above post! Nicely written by the way. This was handled 100% wrong, thier was and still is , too much confusion and suspicion and its all the Casinos faults for not including us, thier partners, in this decision.

    And btw…You will NEVER look like an idiot to us here, if anything, the Casinos or managements that treat you like this are the ones who look like and are the IDIOTS>



    Thanks Pat :wavey:

    Professor wrote:
    4. There is a new promotion that will be announced shortly that is positively dynamite and should make affiliates VERY happy. Details of this will be released along with complete disclosure of the new program changes.

    Has anybody seen this new promotion that is “positively dynamite”?


    I am just so confused LOL. Can somebody just make me a short list of who to promote so i can go crawl under my rock lol.

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