Affiliate Tomi is rogue be careful

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    We made a pre paid deal with affilaite Tomi about 2 months ago.

    He wanted pre pay 2K for CPA (our first mistake)

    then disappeared after he got the fees, then after a week of chasing (and no traffic what so ever) … we asked for refund , we got back about 600$ out of the 2K , and from then we are chasing him for the remaining sum!

    This affiliate is a complete scam (from other threads here you will other casinos have had issues with him) , he and other rouge affiliates like him are the ones that cause casino operators and also affiliates to have such hard feeling on pre pay deals and not to trust one another (what was once a very trust driven business)

    I urge all operators that are contact by this person NOT to work with him in any way! this is a sure way for lose your money

    He has been in contact with one of our affiliate Managers and senior Manager and we HAVE FULL and COMPLETE emails history and chat history with him and he as not once told something that was true (in regards to payment)

    again beware of this affiliate, who bring a bad name to this industry!

    We will be more then glad to post the email communication with this fraud

    I urge you not to work with him and stop any deal that you have with him as he will take your money and not get you a thing!!!


    Hello Michael,
    Thanks for sharing this info with us.
    I will take your advice.


    Its for reasons like this I stay away from pre-paid CPA deals. Hope you can track down this rouge and get your money back!!
    Thanks for the heads up anyway.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)