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    Attention Affiliate managers the following emails have been linked to credit card fraud

    You will have 3 or 4 affiliates suddenly show up promoting casino with one web page with little or no content.
    Players will deposit $250 and lose least amount of spins – this will happen with 10 to 20 players. All the players come from France – the affiliate IP comes from China but is signed up from other countries.

    The following emails should be watched with username. Username artfunbet username casinoin username:


    Thanks for this, I got 1 out of the 3 so i will keep an eye on them. Not much in the way of stats right now but thanks again. :hattip:


    Same here…

    On a side note, don’t you think this should have been posted in the private affiliate managers section?

    Sorry to be picky but I don’t think this sort of thing should be posted publicly.. JMO.


    Cool, thanks man!


    Thank you for the heads up, I will keep an eye out for these e-mail addresses, have not received anything from as of yet!!


    Hey all thanks for the update,,, but i haven’t received anything like that, neither wants to receive ever:P

    Thanks again



    We were also hit a few months back but caught all 3 before any payments were to be made.

    I’d like to add 2 more that have joined with us this month. Again, we’ve caught all fraudulent transactions and subsequently banned the affiliate accounts.

    Mikko Luoma

    Ruth Hinterleithner

    Thanks to TowerAffiliates for starting this thread.




    Is this thread anyone can read? Should I post about the affiliate who charged back this month after playing ?


    This is a public thread viewable to all.


    It should be moved to Affiliate Managers ONLY section.

    And yes casinojack, please post about the affiliate who charged back.


    If it gets moved to aff managers only, CasinoJack wont be able to post there since guest affiliate managers do not have posting rights there.


    true, but i posted somewhere else, or Pm me I will send…Im a lowlife ;-)


    Hello Managers!

    Can u explain here pls: what will happen if a player chargeback, is it that easy for any player to register with an online casino, play and if they loose they just chargeback?

    I need some help please because i dont understand it.


    the thread is officially moved! :)


    Thanks for the heads up. We’ve seen two of these three emails. All have been taken care of.

    Thanks again!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)