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Advertising Payment Question

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    I’m looking for some advice on receiving payments for ad space on my site.

    About 7 months ago a poker portal purchased a few text ads for 6 months on my site. The deal recently expired, and I emailed my contact there asking if he would like to renew. I never heard back so I assumed that was the end of it.

    A few weeks ago someone else from that site contacted me saying that he had replaced my original contact and he wanted to know if we could work out another deal. After a few back and forths on what we each wanted we have an agreement, but now I have a problem with how to get paid.

    Last time they just transfered money to my Neteller account. Since that is no longer an option I asked for payment through PayPal this time around. His response to that was “the sum was a little too much to send through PayPal so he would prefer making a bank wire” and requested my bank account information.

    I’m not real comfortable providing him with my bank account info so I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions as to alternate payment options. Has anyone else run into a scenario like this?



    Well the wire is ok but the info needed for a wire is the same as whats needed to take cash so thats a valid concern. If the place your dealing with causes concern, I would request a check via mail.


    At glance smell bad.
    There are not small amounts, at least for Paypal, Moneybookers, Epassporte, Payoneer and many others.

    In despite of the above comment, for some folks out there, a bank transference is the best option.


    To be fair, I’ve never dealt with any company’s who have paid via PayPal since Ebay took over.

    Wire transfers really are the best way to go. I’ve been in this biz for many years now and have been involved with easily thousands of paid campaigns involving wire transfers. I’ve yet to have experienced any trouble as a result of a wire transfer, nor have I heard of anyone else experiencing problems…

    …of course this does not include non-payment. :tongue:

    Seriously, any company you feel is ‘on-the-level’ enough to promote, you should feel comfortable accepting a wire transfer. If you can’t feel comfortable about a wire transfer, you probably should not be accepting their advertising, either.



    Not sure if you are on a hurry on this one, certainly it may worth having a look at AffiliateSpeeday. It is an alternative payment solution that the guys here have launched and it is a fully functional bank account.

    First you will have to find out if you can receive Swift in transfers to the Speedpay account, if yes then I believe is the best option for a situation like the one you described.

    Have a look at the “General Discussion” and you will find the relevant thread there for Speedpay.

    Kind Regards,

    John Lozis
    Affiliate Coordinator


    I might suggest the following since it worked for me. Since the person wants to wire you the funds, that means that he has the funds in the account. Thus, have him pay you via PayPal using an e-check. In the meantime, you agree to put up his info,but will remove it if the e-check bounces.


    Thanks for the advice guys, I think affiliate speed pay option may be the best way to go but I’m not sure how long it will take to set up.

    In this case I think I’ll try to have him put down a deposit through paypal for a smaller amount, then send the rest via paper check.



    You might want to look into a ‘wired plastic’ account. You can have funds wired to it and take them out at a cash machine.



    Paypal takes fee for every transaction, in percentage and if the sum they are sending you is abig sum. This could be quite a lot of money!

    One thing u can do to make sure he sends it to you Paypal account is to give him a rebate which amounts to the sum paypal are taking! This way making sure you get the money to Paypal!

    We do a lot of wire transfers and if they company paid you before, I do not think you have to be afraind. I mean, you have done business before and they want the links, not to cheat you of money!


    If they don’t want to pay via paypal then they probably have problems with paypal that they aren’t telling you. Maybe they had their account canceled or something. Instead of a six month advertising spot or something, break it down into a one month subscription thing. If that person has a paypal account then they shouldn’t have any problem with sending a smaller amount every month on a subscription basis. I would not give out bank info.


    We pay any sites that we are advertising with by bank wire 0- you can’t remove money out of someone else bank account with just the sort code and account number, well not if you are with a good bank. They would need to know all your other personal info and passwords and pins. I wouldn;t worry!

    BTW what is your site I might be interested in buying advertising

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)