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    I know this is not the perfect place to bring up this issue but I tried several times to the regular support options but I did not receive a response.

    I’m now posting this message through the account of my colleague (HVDB) but I used to have a working account on this forum myself. My user name is “harold” and about two weeks ago I was suddenly not able to login anymore. I keep getting the message that my password is wrong although I did not change it. Of course, I tried the password reset function but I don’t receive the email that is sent when using that function for some reason.

    So now I have a problem because I can’t login and I can’t receive the password reset email. So my question is if anyone from support can help me with this? You could post a possible solution in this thread but maybe sending a PM to HVDB would be an even better option.

    I hope that this can be solved because I would love to access my PMs again, there is lots of information in there which I need:)



    Can someone of support please look into this? I still don’t have access to my account:(


    Harold I have reported this problem several times to support and they are actively looking into why this caused and for an overall fix. I can manually re approve you for now and restore your posting rights. I will create a temporary password for you and PM that to HVDB. Let me know if this does the trick for you.


    Ok Harold your account is enabled and I sent to temporary password to HVDB

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)