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about Vegas Partner

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    lately I’ve been unhappy with their production so I went to one of their sites just to look things over. I can’t remember which, but anyway, as I’m leaving they hit me with an exit pop-up.

    So as usual, I copy the shortcut and then see if my code is in it.

    BTW, just did this with a couple of Spiral casinos and they DID have my code in the exit pops.

    But you guessed it. VP’s casino DID NOT.

    You might be saying to yourself, how the hell does he know? I can’t ever spot my code in their funky stats tracking set up.

    Well my doubting Thomas, the reason I know is that VP told me. Aint that a poke in the eye with a sharp stick?

    Here’s their response to my letter, and what I wrote them is underneath. Note – they had no idea why I was asking.

    Hi Steve,

    Your affiliate ID is not contained in the banner tag.

    If you require me to e-mail you your affiliate ID I will need to verify the following personal details before giving out login information:

    1) Your Home Address

    2) Your Home Telephone Number

    3) Preferred Payment Method

    Thank you for your co-operation.

    Please feel free to contact me should you have any queries.


    Antoinette Pillay

    Affiliate Manager

    Vegas Partner

    Original Message

    From: steve from []
    Sent: Saturday, June 19, 2004 8:12 AM
    To: Affiliate Support
    Subject: quick question[Scanned]


    can you tell me if my affiliate id is in this banner tag?


    thank you


    I don’t know if all their exits do not have our code in them, but it sure goes a long way towards explaining why I am not seeing the kind of production out of that bunch like I expected.

    Does anybody know if there is a way to tell if our code is in these banner tags that they assign?

    I’d like to re-check myself but the way their deal is set up, I can’t tell if my aff code is in any of the coding they give me.

    thanks in advance



    Lately you are starting to get to me, BB1.

    This is rotten. I am starting to get really annoyed at a lot of places myself.

    I have arranged for some major testing over the next few weeks.

    I will let everyone know what I find. I will test over a 3 month period.


    I tested Vegas Partner for about 2 months -actually it was bout 5 weeks – LMAO!

    The first month I sent a crap load of high quality traffic that produced dozens upon dozens of downloads, but I never made a dime!

    After sending them a bit more traffic the following month I inquired about the lack of performance with the affiliate manager he told me send more traffic and Id make money – LAUGH!

    Maybe a testing committee should be created and a plan devised to get this data compiled where we can all benefit from it.

    The process would need to be confidential e.g. close cohorts to any program would need to be avoided – I have not doubt that there are opportunist lurking that have no problem dropping clues as to what may be occurring at any point in time if they think it will benefit themselves.


    I’m willing to help with this committee. Someone should schedule a chatroom, a time for us to meet and discuss, and elect a chair to track our action plan.


    close cohorts to any program would need to be avoided

    That may be difficult – most of us have their favorites.

    I tend to test my favorites harder than others…I don’t want to favor someone who will take advantage of me.

    I am all for testing – and it needs to include long term retention.

    The test players need to stop playing for extended periods of time and then come back in some cases, and play more than two months in others.

    I am very suspicious about players being removed from aff accounts after a period.

    I am also suspicious about players being crossmarketed without tags.

    And if I find anyone sending my player to a casino owned portal, I will be ready to kill.

    And I have some strong suspicions there.


    I earn five times as much money with Vegas Partners as I do with Casino Rewards and Brightshare combined. They are a very strong group and FAR superior to most MGS camps. Everyone who I know that is a successful marketer who works with Vegas Partners does very well with them.

    If you cant make money with these guys something is very wrong.

    I will say this, ony Crazy Vegas and Sun Vegas produce well for me, so if you concentrated on the others that they have you may come away with a skewed view on this program.

    If I had to choose my top MGS program recommendation it wouldnt even be a horse race. Vegas Partners is the winner.


    That may be difficult – most of us have their favorites.

    When I said avoid – I meant you dont want to talk about whom your testing within eyes reach of a potential lurker who would jump at the chance to brownnose …

    Everyone who I know that is a successful marketer who works with Vegas Partners does very well with them …. If you cant make money with these guys something is very wrong.

    Well I do pretty damn well and I never seen crap with VP – maybe they have a quota that requires you to promote for a said duration of time before you start seeing profits. I think RB used to do that too … but I refuse to give anyone more than a few hundred hits for testing without seeing ANY performance at all!

    So Id have to say Yah – something was wrong alright!

    I signed up in Late October of 2003 …

    And my conversions were as follows:

    19.5% on clicks to downloads
    4.5% on clicks to guest
    0% on downloads to reals

    I dropped them in early November after sending several hundred hits! Sure thats not a great quantity but it was great quality!

    I sent all my hits to Sun Vegas & Crazy Vegas – the 2 so-called front runners.

    I guess I wasnt selected :baaa: as a partner theyd like to work with.

    If you cant make money with these guys something is very wrong.

    I can’t make money with these guys – and trust me when I say it is not me.


    I have to agree with Spearmaster and Arkyt there is something

    seriously wrong with Vegas Partner … maybe bordering on a

    selective scamming.



    :angry: Well you guys promote whoever you like.

    I am shocked you didnt do well with Vegas Partners. Brian you actually do have real traffic so I am really surprised you did poorly with them. It beats the shit out of me as to why because I have done very well with them and I know a few others who have as well.



    Long ago I cut back traffic to (basically) just SV.

    While I’ve had some good months with VP, they on the whole have always under-performed and finally they’ve gotten to the point that I am ready to remove all their links.

    I’m glad to hear you’re doing well with them Prof, but I think that might not be the norm.

    and regardless of how well they’ve performed, it still does not excuse not having my aff code in the exit pops (IMHO).


    Needless to say Got2Bet’s traffic is of extremely high quality. And VPs backend is definitely one of the most flaky. If you are doing well with VP you should be doing well with Money Mechanic… and I believe this is not the case…


    Spear Brightshare stats suck.

    Their player value sucks.

    I have been promoting their casinos for over a year and despite signing up hundreds of players my income with them NEVER rises.

    Their terms and conditions and demands on webmasters are rude and unreasonable… Oh and they suck…

    Dont get me started on YOUR pet program.

    That crack about Money Mechanic was totally out of line and uncalled for. That program ripped me off for $31K!!!!!! Are you saying Vegas Partners did something like that to you?

    NOBODY deserves to get shaved for $31K… NOBODY and to rub someones face in it is REALLY classless.
    :madat: :madat: :madat: :cuss: :beatup:


    Wasn’t rubbing anything in your face, Lou – you have openly said that MM sucks (and I’m not arguing) – but they depend on the same crap backend that VP does.

    As for BS – damn straight their stats suck! But they still convert better for me (in terms of new players) than any other program and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. And their demands quickly get reversed when I kick them in the ass and you know it.. LOL… I am still the biggest thorn in their side. So it’s not my pet program… just happens to be the one I make more money with LOL.


    Ok Spear no problem….

    I still love you man

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