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A New Linking Program

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    Hi all,

    A new development for you if you fancy taking the stress out of linking!

    “Slinky” is a totally automatic Links Directory Builder which concentrates on Inbound links rather than reciprocals. It’s quite clever though i say so myself!

    It’s now up and running in Beta for anyone who wants to build links of quality but struggles with managing it all. Damn easy to install if you use PHP :wink-wink


    And full details and standards etc….




    Nice share…..Ive been searching for something like this for quite sometime now. It beats the directory I was using! Thanks


    I have seen alot of linking sites and they seem to hurt most sites that sign up from them rather than help. I noticed they only accept PR3 or better. But if you have trying to get links for a new site that defeats the purpose of boosting your site with backlinks if you cant qualify for the program. I am skeptical until further tested.

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    For the record I have withdrawn this service due to concerns expressed on Webmasterworld about how “linking programs” are identified by Google and discounted thus.


    Heya Simo :)

    I realize you closed this.. but I am curious… I use is this the same kind of concept? Meaning can using this page actually hurt rather than help my sites?

    Thnx :)


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)