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A letter from Lindquist & Vennum, EnergyFlow checks

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    Dear Webmasters,

    Please be informed that you may receive a letter from a law firm Lindquist & Vennum ( regarding the checks you received from Slotland back in 2002/ March 2003. These checks were issued by our former business partner back in 2002/ March 2003.

    Please be advise that their demand is incredible as we properly paid in advance all checks sent by EnergyFlow and moreover, when they announced a bankruptcy, we had about $100,000 balance with them that we have never received back from them!

    Please fax us all the documents you received from Lindquist & Vennum to our US fax number: (775) 249-8967 as soon as possible.

    Please do not pay anything – we will solve this matter with Lindquiest & Vennum directly upon receiving documents they sent you. Slotland takes all responsibility for this situation so none of our customers and partners will be harmed.

    At this moment, we are trying to get in touch with someone responsible at Lindquist & Vennum as Mr. Patrick D.Frye who was signed under these documents took his holiday after sending the letters to our partners!

    We are sincerely sorry for this terrifying experience but please be assure that they act without our knowledge. It is a really stupid that they request the money from our partners as we are one of the biggest creditors of a bankrupt company!

    Thank you for your continuous support and loyalty!

    Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at: with any of your question.

    Best regards,
    Hannah Morante


    Hannah, I am very sorry to hear that!

    Slotland is to be commended for taking respoonsibility even though this is not at all their fault.

    But then I would expect nothing less from Slotland. :D

    I am sure everyone will be cooperative and this mess will be cleaned up soon.

    Thank you, Hannah!


    This company or the US law really sucks!!!

    Imagine: we paid the money to for sending our checks always approx. 2-3 months in advance. So, they received the money from us regularly. When they bankrupt, we had over $100,000 balance with them that we never received back. paid the money to the banks regularly to bounce the checks – otherwise the bank wouldn’t paid out the check to our partners and customers, of course!! So, the checks were bounced and people received their money.

    Now, the lawyers of some creditors are trying to get the money directly from the people!! They didn’t even contacted us at first to learn that we are willing to pay these money again directly to them without having our customers and partners abused by their letter!

    The letter sounds like we are responsible for the bankrupt of and people who cashed their checks had committed a fraud!!! This is absolutely ridiculous and I am really sick if American law allow such unfair solution of someone’s bankrupt!!



    Yeah, I must agree.

    American lawyers have absolutely no morals, they just look for ways to pursue their purposes.

    That part I am used to, but what gets me is that they did not contact you first. I suppose they are expecting a lawsuit from you against Energyflow, and not an offer to make good.


    Dear webmasters,

    After a quick negotiation with Lindquist & Vennum, we settled the situation regarding the checks sent to our customers/affiliates during 2002 – 2003.

    None of us, who received the letter from Lindquist & Vennum regarding the checks from issued on our behalf, will have to contact this company nor pay these checks!

    Please kindly note that you should receive a confirmation directly from Lindquist & Vennum regarding our settlement, soon.

    We can assure you that you won’t be contacted by Lindquist & Vennum or connected to this issue any more!

    However please be aware, that our settlement with Lindquists’ consisting of paying the debts of some debtors, concerns just the checks issued by our e-cash processor!

    You may also received a legal claim for the checks you may have received from on behalf of or other of former clients/partners. In these cases – we don’t know the settlements between Lindquist and these companies, if any were made, so we are not responsible for the further actions made by Lindquist & Vennum on behalf of and other companies that cooperated with them.

    Thanks for your attention as well as for many letters we’ve received showing your support and loayalty to Slotland.

    Best regards,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)