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A deal for CAP members Only

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    Simply a signing bonus for a good group of people –

    All CAP members that signup for our affiliate program will get a free $100 neteller sent to them after adding our banners.

    We would normally make it a rule that our banners have to be #1 over any sportsbook banners – but Simon and the other sportsbook affiliates were here before us, we really are not looking to intrude.

    Many of you have sportsbook sections or plan on adding sportsbook sections. Simply place our banners with the others and we have a deal!

    All you have to do is signup for our affiliate program, then forward me the auto-reply with your neteller information. Once the banners have been live on your site for a day our accounting department will send you your money. You must include your forum username. The funds will be sent in 24-72 hours after placement.

    Because of acts of fraud that could easily take place, we would only promote this type of special deal on this well known forum.


    neteller info
    auto-reply email from affiliate program
    forum username


    Dan Ramiro


    The response has been good so far! Thanks Mods for letting it happen.

    Dan Ramiro


    Hi – I tried to sign up for your affiliate program but kept getting this message when I tried to submit;

    Office not found officeName Office not found

    P.S. The field for phone numbers doesn’t work if you don’t live in the US.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)