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    *Waves furiously*

    I just wanted to introduce myself, as, like the title says, I am new to this Forum.

    I dont want to step on anyones toes, and want to respect the Forum rules etc, but was unsure where to start and how to introduce myself properly!

    Anyway, I run a UK Affiliate Network called Searchlogic, and we operate about 40-50 casino and bingo brands. I would love it if I could get to (virtually or in yer actual *real life* – depending on location!) build some friendships and business relationships on here, but please feel free to point me in the right direction if I have wandered into the wrong Forum!

    We work on a pure CPA basis, and would really appreciate it if anyone would let me know who likes working this way, and who likes working on lifetime rev share.

    Being totally transparent (I’m not klever enough to conceal stuff!), it would be good to get some of you guys working with us – why not add me to your MSN, and lets see if there is anything we can do together? The worst that can happen is we cant, and the best that can happen is that you have an account manager who loves you like his own, and everyone earns money.

    I am now gonna sit back in anticipation of a flaming (if this is anything like other Forums I am on, then I expect the next post will be an indigant “How Dare He Come On The Forums and Look To Help!”).

    Lets see – add me to MSN – I am pretty friendly! MSN is TheBoyMitchell at hotmail.co.uk

    OK. Enough from me – I am now gonna sit in the corner and see what happens!!!!

    Take care



    First off welcome aboard Neil :wavey:

    We dont allow flaming to go unchecked and posion the waters like some other communities have in the past. You will find CAP focused on business, networking, sharing info with peers and having a place to call home where everyone shares a common experience. You should be quite happy here if you join us in the right spirit and dont attempt to only take from the community or your fellow members.

    We dont allow spamming of the boards or abuse of the PM system. You can announce your program in a professional manner as you did. But please dont get carried away withe self promotion unless you become a certifed partner.

    My suggestion is to join in on conversations and share your experiences with others. If you do you will find membership and invaluable resource for your business.


    You got it!!!

    Like I say – just wanted to know the ground rules! You’ll find that I am pretty low maintenance!

    Look forward to joining in the Forum!

    *gets beers in*

    MSN – TheBoyMitchell at hotmail.co.uk
    email – neil.mitchell@searchlogic.com


    Welcome to CAP TheBoyMitchell!
    Nice to meet you. :)



    *Puts on kettle*

    Choccie biccy?


    Welcome to CAP!


    Welcome mate!!!


    Aw! I think thats the most welcomes I have ever had!

    *munches toast*

    Dont forget to add me to MSN if you want to see how we can work together, or even if you just want to chat about, I dunno, the weather or something! I live at TheBoyMitchell@hotmail.co.uk

    SearchLogic Plc

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)