45%++ commission & 60% Cash Back for players!

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    …Read on for information about our Affiliate Promotion for September ONLY…

    Your poker players can get up to 60% Cash Back each month at Royal Card Room……

    Royal Card Room has just introduced a new level to our Cash Back program- VIP Cash Back GOLD.

    From now on our old players will receive a generous monthly bonus, calculated from the rake and the number of VIP-points earned.

    The great thing about the VIP Cash Back GOLD rewards is the payments will be paid out to players on the first day of every month and the player can get up to 60% cash back each month.

    The great thing about this promotion from an affiliate’s perspective is that its network wide so you don’t need to worry about other rooms offering players better deals – it ensures your players are safe and looked after at Royal Card Room!

    Another attractive thing about this promotion for affiliates is that the Cash Back is deducted from Gross Rake before commission is calculated. This means the cost is shared between the poker room, the network and the affiliate, whereas most rakeback programs are paid for in full by the affiliate. This means greater commission for you!

    For more info about the offer to players please head to http://www.royalcardroom.com/Poker/Promotions/VIP-CashBackGOLD.aspx

    ALSO, we are currently running an affiliate promotion which will go until the end of September ONLY.

    All new affiliates to join Royal Card Room before 30th September will get 40% commission on Net Poker Revenue moving up to 45% when their player’s are generating over €5 000/month in rake** When € 10 000/month is reached we can negotiate even higher commission!

    To sign up to Royal Card Room head to http://www.royalcardroom.com/Affiliate.aspx. Once you have signed up contact me at support@royalprofits.com with your RCR username included and include the words “September Cash Back promo” in the body of the email. If you need any extra creative to promote Royal Card Room please send your requests to the same email address.


    This special promotion has now been extended for the month of October.

    Please email me once you have signed up for your Higher commission for LIFE!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)