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40% life-time,rev.share deal on ALL AMERICAN TRAFFIC

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    Dear Affiliates,

    lucky 18, probably the best us facing, online casino, is proud to announce a special 40% life-time,rev.share deal for all US & EUROPEAN facing affiliates.
    If you are seeking for an excellent online casino who accommodates American players, contact me now
    and I’ll be happy to personally open you a SPECIAL 40% REV.SHARE account.
    we offer:
    Payments – ON TIME!! No negatives. No wire fees.
    -Unrivaled Payment Processing (USA and Global) –
    We accept Visa, Master card, and AMEX from ALL (USA) players.
    -The Highest Conversion Ratio:
    As a direct result of our processing and excellent customer support, we constantly achieve outstanding levels of conversions.
    At Lucky 18 we are experts at achieving high player value. Our generous bonuses, superb 24/7 live customer support and true VIP management, ensures that we achieve the highest player value.

    Contact me now and start earning high revenues today !

    Looking forward hearing from you,



    What;s happening with the 2nd tier?


    Why haven’t you addressed the ongoing threads regarding the DIRECT EVIDENCE that you knowingly employ illegal spammers to promote this Casino?

    Seriously: it’s the only way anybody hears about your property, and it has GOT TO STOP!

    I don’t care what “features” your so-called “affiliate” program offers (why not just call it a spamming program, that’s virtually the only way you promote this casino.) If you’re going to continue to allow spammers to work on your behalf, you don’t deserve any kind of accreditation. You’re engaged in illegal activity by continuing to support:

    – Abuse of numerous MSN and systems.
    – Widespread, unabated, illegally-sent spam, to individuals like myself who have never wanted to receive it.



    Dear CAP and Members,

    As CEO of lucky 18 casino i wish to make the following statement:

    For the past couple of weeks we have been inundated with malicious spam to our website.
    The spammers who have been sending this traffic have done so WITHOUT tracking and without being affiliates of ours, and of course without our permission.
    As a direct result of this malicious spamming we have lost one of servers in Canada; this has cost us a substantial amount of money, time and aggravation.
    I can categorically say that we do NOT endorse or allow spam affiliates to work with us.
    RTG have been advised about the above, and we are working non-stop to locate the offenders and stop this immediately.
    I apologize personally if this has caused any trouble or problems to anyone, and you can be assured that we are doing our utmost to resolve this serious situation.

    To be more specific: we have banned accounts 42 and 45 from sending traffic and all affiliates who are connected to them:

    Should you have any more problems with this whatsoever, please message us and we will continue to fight this problem:

    Sincerely yours.
    Naphtali Goldman LL.B (Hons.) MBA



    I see that you have finally acted on this.

    I will be monitoring my email very closely for the next several days.

    I appreciate you finally doing something about this.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)