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3 cheers for Blackpool Club!

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    I come here and post sometimes when an affiliate manager or company doesn’t do thier job right, or i have a problem and need help, so i think its only fair that i post when they do something right, or go out of there way to fix a problem.

    Point in case..Blackpool Club
    Problem…Player credits.

    Neil at Blackpool club is one of the nicest persons to work for. I had a major issue with new player credits, and it taking to long, and unanswered emails, …..the problem, he was away …and while the cat is away…..

    When he came back, problem solved, emails answered and a Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers delivered to my doorstep!!

    What a wonderful , classy thing to do. And this is only a 2 month old relationship……wonder what wonderful thing he will do on our 1 year anniversary??? LOLLLL

    Kudo’s to Neil and Blackpool Club. Its a pleasure.


    awww- thanks for the kind words Pat!!!

    A 1 year anniversary present? hmmmm….anything possible!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)