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2008 Conversions and Stats (Brightshare)

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    Impressions: 62450
    Clicks: 2403
    Downloads: 320
    Real Players: 45

    EARNINGS: $262.60

    These are my statistics for 2008 (or since late Summer when I started with them). This report is for all affiliates. Make your own judgments if this is a good affiliate program or not.


    Hi there,

    There could be several reasons for these stats.

    Please email me your affiliate tag or login details and your main sources of exposure for our casinos and I’ll checkout your stats and post an honest reply.

    Thanks and happy 2009!

    Cheers, Lloyd


    BrightShare is another great affiliate program. If you want, feel free to send me a PM and I will take a look at your site to see if I can make any suggestions on changes that might help. And contact Lloyd for sure, he is a great guy.


    Thanks Big Fish, that’s a very nice offer and good to hear especially from you.

    Back in 52′, thanks for the PM and the info. You mentioned that BrightShare has resulted in your highest earnings for last year, so that’s a good start. I checked through some of your sites. You have potentially some very good domains, with nice intros but other than that your sites are pretty much set up to be banner farm lists of casino bonus banners. From my experience, focusing on a carefully selected group of fewer casinos, ranked by you and giving informative summarized and detailed reviews brings the quality players and the higher income.
    Does that make sense to you? Do you agree?


    Hello Lloyd,

    Thanks for the response and looking into my sites. I understand what you are saying there for getting more traffic and convincing visitors to download and become players but there is something I don’t understand. Just with my sites “as is”, visitors are clicking through the links and banners and downloading the software and becoming real players.

    What I don’t understand is why more of them aren’t depositing. All my stats seem normal and even pretty good in some cases with actually getting people to download your software and become real players. But the number of players depositing seem unusually low. I don’t know if people are just poor or having a hard time getting money into the casino?


    Back in 52′, hi there

    I think it’s about why the players clicked through. If you tell them to go play and deposit at a quality casino they listen. If you tell them to go take a free offer from a casino they listen too.

    The offer is of course critical but it shouldn’t be the only reason the player is coming to the casino.

    It’s a fact that players that come from quality review sites deposit more and players that come from banner farms and bonus orientated sites deposit less.

    It’s simple but it’s the way it works. Do you agree?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)