1 poker and 1 casino site for sale

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    Hi All..

    Because I don’t have enough time to keep these site updated I’m going to sell them. Both sites are of course google indexed and have a small amount of traffic. Also both sites did bring in a few real players, but not many to be fair..
    All content is unique, but html is a bit messy. Age for the domains is around 1,5 year.

    Perhaps somebody here has a better future for these domains/sites.


    All resonable offers will be considered. Buy both and I’ll give you RealBingo4u.com domain for free.. :)

    Questions can be asked here, offers through pm


    Hi – very interested how much for both and Bing for free! – please respond soonest (pm or what ever)



    Hi Craige,

    This was a topic for januari this year. And since then the site have been sold.

    Forgot to post it here.. sorry

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)