Reply To: A Poker/Casino Writer losing their Home.


Hi again,

this may help in this situation and may not. … but I don’t doubt before these troubled times are over this thread will be read by many others seeking inspiration.

and maybe somebody said this and I read it here in which case I am officially in dire need of a vacation :) but anyway supposedly there was a law passed that says you can’t be evicted during these troubled times … and I think that might have been more for those that own than those that rent but its worth checking into …

… I remember now. my GF’s GF (sorry, just platonic … them not me … but that’s another story and I’d need proof of age to be able to tell you plus a note from your dr saying you’re in good enough health to endure extreme shocks and revulsions)

…. now that I’ve got my dirty joke in for the day :)

her friend really did call and say that she’d read there had been a law passed that basically said they couldn’t be evicted (because they are in same shape as everybody else) and I know they are renters … this is in Missouri and my GF says she doesn’t know if its across the board or just their state. But worth your time checking out I’d think.