Reply To: Announcing CAP Alerts – Terms & Conditions Updates


thought i’ld throw in my 2 roubles into the pile. although i completely understand kwblue’s disappointment, seems like what CAP has done is normal business behaviour. they pursued their interest at the expense of a prior agreement with kwblue. not cool, but what can you do now…

i don’t really believe that business can inherently be ethical since then it would be a non-profit activity where “i give you things at the price i get them”, kind of commie style :D. maybe on a personal level kwblue should have not been treated like this, but as prof explicitly pointed out, this is business. nothing personal.

to kwblue’s advantage, AGD has much more legitimacy than CAP alerts since they work differently and don’t have the bias that comes with paid certification. so that’s that. i actually use neither since i rely on someone posting when some big term changes happen :)

i think AGD will remain the better tracking system since it oversees more programs than CAP can certify. AGD for t&c tracking is same as statsremote to stats checking :) CAP alerts is more of a niche product, while AGD has the potential to include a lot more programs. particularly smaller ones that can’t afford to pay for CAP certification but need a place to expose themselves to affiliates and show some form of conformance to industry “standards”.

like andy said, all of this will be forgotten in a couple of months and things will evolve naturally. probably the result of the competition created by these two programs will be beneficial for most people….

hopefully andy’s son’s surgery went through smoothly…good luck mate and be strong!