Reply To: Announcing CAP Alerts – Terms & Conditions Updates


@ArjunCAP 186743 wrote:

This would have been the preferred route, but to my understanding, when we approached andy to work more closely together, it didn’t work out for reasons that didn’t suit Andy and for reasons that didn’t suit CAP.

It was never the ‘preferred route’ to get AGD in house as paid staff. Something entirely different was requested, as Lou eluded to in a previous post. That would have limited AGD’s ability to supply information to other affiliate portals and would have required us to change our system entirely.

Instead we continued to supply CAP with alerts and were promised AGD would not be copied.The end.

Let’s just get over this so that I don’t have to continue coming in and correcting mistruths. I think we all need to just get past this. As was told to me some time ago…. ‘Affiliates will be angry at first, but they will get over it’.