Reply To: ReferBack is withdrawing from the USA


@bonustreak 186580 wrote:

Please explain this phased manor, and why if other micros are allowing existing players you are not? This is not going to sit well with me when it comes to the point that USA players are allowed to play once again although I hold all of Referback team members in the very highest of regards, I will be looking at these actions when it comes exposure.

I suspect, that all micro at some point will stop US players?

I can understand the method of the phase out, the attrition rate of players means that as players fall off and stop playing, they are replaced by non US players and that as the NON US player value increases, the next level of US players are stopped.

Its like a see saw, slowly bring down the number of US players, and increase the number of non US players.

You cant do it too fast, because their is a cost involved in acquiring players, and on average 30-40% of one months new players will play into month 2, and then fewer into month 3, and 4. The longer a player plays, their player value increases.

You cant just put the brakes on all US players, because then a company is running on fumes, like Ladbrokes.

Its really a value of player over time equation now? Its a smart way of pulling out of the market while still being able to operate.