Reply To: Announcing CAP Alerts – Terms & Conditions Updates


This really sits uneasy with me. If I was KWBlue I would be extremely pissed off and in my opinion he is totally justified to be so. Yes the majority of us run our sites as a business. But there are ethical ways of operating a business. It is not all just about the $.

As webmasters we have responsibilities to the players and also with regards CAP, responsibilities to the affiliate members, which make up the community which we know as CAP.

We ( affiliates ) should all be working together for the sake of our industry. Yet this unilateral action taken by CAP on this issue and also CAP’s actions with regards the owners of the GPWA leaves a very sour taste in my mouth.

It seems that CAP on one hand advocates healthy competition. Yet on the other, how dare anyone acquire a site or organisation that CAP was interested in acquiring.

I hope I won’t get castigated for speaking my mind, after all isn’t that what this forum is for – Bouncing ideas off each other to be able to perform better as a portal webmaster.