Reply To: Announcing CAP Alerts – Terms & Conditions Updates


@NathanCAP 186309 wrote:

I feel badly that so many of you, who are among the most senior and respected members we have, are so disappointed by this action, but I think you’re seeing it the wrong way.

So if I set up a website let’s say identical to CAP, it would be OK too? I wouldn’t try to take away CAP’s traffic, no, but I would use all the same features, and affiliates could use both websites, right? And of course I would integrate a system like stats-remote, etc..

With all my respect to CAP and to the Professor, I don’t see this step as an improvement, I’m rather disappointed because I know that after the early years CAP has the financial background to finance these kind of developments while nowadays tend to forget that guy who had this idea in the first place and who had supported CAP for a long time with this service – and yes, making CAP stronger – by offering this service – rather than his own business.

I am a supporter of CAP, but I am not a supporter these kind of actions and now I clearly understand why a senior and established member could have gray reputation. This is so wrong on many levels.