Reply To: Announcing CAP Alerts – Terms & Conditions Updates


Arjun’s right, guys. We’re expanding our operations here at CAP, and we need to put in these kinds of new features to help the affiliates that come to our site. I feel badly that so many of you, who are among the most senior and respected members we have, are so disappointed by this action, but I think you’re seeing it the wrong way.

There’s no reason why anyone has to stop using AGD’s services. We’re not trying to take away AGD’s traffic. I hope all of you continue to use both sites. But for the people who only come to CAP — and there are many — we want to make sure they have every advantage we can provide. The new CAP Alerts feature is part of giving them that full range of benefits. And that’s all there is to it.

Of course, I’m still new here, so I don’t really know the history of who said what to whom at what point. My job is to make CAP the best possible experience for affiliates. And affiliates will benefit from this new feature, which will hopefully make them more confident doing business with these programs. That’s a win-win for everyone.