Reply To: NO – this cant go on so


We have located the problem with the stats, it was located in the
replication of data between our database and the website.

We reviewed the log file of our data replication manager and we
discovered that every time the replication would attempt to run
it would time out without having completed it’s task successfully,
this resulted in the new and existing data providing altogether
incomplete and inaccurate stats.

All existing player data would be rewritten because the system
detected that it never completed the previous job and would try
and run it again but also time out. This cycle would be repeated
continuously resulting in the stats changing rather drastically and
nearly every 2 hours.

We are currently running a dedicated replication session of all existing
data from our database into StarPartner with our development keeping
a close eye on the progress. All reporting will be unavailable for the rest
of the day. We are monitoring the process carefully to ensure that all
data is carried across which will rectify all existing errors in the reporting.

Once this has been completed we will begin processing this month’s
payments. I would like to apologise to everyone for our website’s
instability of late we have put controls in place to ensure this type
of occurance won’t happen again.