Reply To: Please support and vote for Barack/Bidden 2008


To the guy who wrote about capital gains taxes – you don’t pay capital gains taxes on selling your home if you roll it into your next residence! That note you wrote was totally misguided.

If you have the money to have multiple 500,000 homes to be selling and profiting from, clearly you should have to pay taxes on your income. I pay like 39% on mine. Maybe I should stop working and capitalize on other peoples misfortunes and buy their seized property for pennies on the dollar and then resell it later for a tax free profit.

You pay capital gains taxes when you are selling multiple houses and don’t live in them — for instance — if you are rich, like John McCain and have some 7 homes worth 11 million. Do you think he should be able to sell those homes and not pay taxes on the PROFITS???

Edited to add: Obama is getting our vote, and he’s not perfect either. But I’ll be damned if I’m gonna help McCain steal our country!