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Reply To: just a thanks to all my friends here


Hi all (Nick)

Nick, ….. you touch me. ya … you read between the lines and i’m going thru some hard times.

but not ready to do anything like put a bullet thru my head lol.

but it had made me stop and smell the roses. to appreciate the very special people in my life …. many …. such as yourself .. that i’ve never met in person yet feel closer to than many i see everyday.

THAT …. is what makes you all so special.

I love you folks. that is my motivation to be so hard on programs I don’t even promote. I know they are screwing my friends … and I cannot abide by that or sit quiet. I also would like to thank the Prof for his understanding and patience with me on that subject.

I stand to gain nothing other than losing my membership to a place I hold as nearly a shrine. But I have to speak up and try to protect those that i hold so dear.