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Reply To: My amazing quick stats… (figure this one)

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Casinocrush – 23h59 Shu! I hope I made it in time :wavey:
While I know you dont want to hear any more excuses, I did want to write to you to let you know that your query has gone to the top of Microgaming. You say you cant view reports and we take this very seriously. Have been fighting your case with them ever since. I know you are a bit dissappointed and we are too with the response time.

Remember when reports used to be slow, well, a server tweak here, a code change there, should have resolved this. While we know its not absolutely optimized, it definitely wont just NOT allow you to view your reports. Thats why these guys are taking this seriously and when I say top I do mean top.

That said, I do thank you for your patience. I think until we can find resolution we should check in on progress, daily if needs be, just want to get you viewing reports as soon as possible. No fobbing off, its not going to help either of us, its in our best interests to have this resolved as quickly & constructively as possible.

Triple777’s – Thank you for letting us know how you feel and disappointed that you are unhappy. I’m a little confused though and was hoping you could help me out. You say you dont have any existing depositers on your account, while I cant post your stats here, but I can show that you do have existing players currently depositing on your account. Your welcome to check in with me and we can go through it. More than happy to help. Let me know.

Best Regards,