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Reply To: My amazing quick stats… (figure this one)


Hello Gordon,

I am sorry to say, that i also must job on this band wagon. You know i like you and the grand prive group. But with that said, i am disgusted with my stats since the switch over. From what your stats, and yourself have told me is, that all my players that deposit since i started promoting your group, have now , not deposited anymore since the switch over? i do not believe this, something is not right in denmark!

I know i never made the big money , but for my little board i was happy i was making something. I know i only had about 9 or 10 depositing players, but they deposited EVERY MONTH, so there was always some activity. Now all i see are the 3 new players i have, and my old players are gone??? no dep. no playing nothing. and that is just WRONG!!!!

Now i also know you would rather have me call you and talk on the phone so you can try and smooth things over with me, and i usually get off the phone with you, happy you atleast took my call, and take your word for whats going on, and sit back and wait to see a change, but that has not happened, and i am not happy, so i want to discuss this with my affiliate peers , some of who are much more experienced than i am, and they can see what you say now, and what your answers are, because they may think of questions to ask that i would not think of.

so please respect my feelings on this issue, and reply here, so i and everyone else can see what the answers are to my issues and maybe i can get some help either understanding what you tell me, or back up with my complaint.